Tulips at Crystal Hermitage

My wife Suzanne recently had a surgery, which she is still recovering from. She had to stay at the hospital for three days and now she continues to recover at home for a few more weeks.

The outpouring of love and prayers from our friends at our community before, during and after the surgery continues to amaze and inspire me. Everyone I talk to reminds me that they have been praying for her (or for us) during this period, which both us have been feeling very tangibly.

Due primarily to these constant prayers, the surgery went very well and her recovery is going very smoothly. I was amazed how well she felt even a mere 24 hours after her surgery.

Beyond the prayers, we also had (and continue to have) tremendous help to ease the recovery period. A friend of ours brought delicious freshly made juices and broth to the hospital so that my wife didn’t have to eat mass-produced equivalents. (Even the treated water at the hospital doesn’t compare with the mountain-fresh water from our wells). Another friend organized a dozen or so residents from our community so that delicious home-cooked dinners would be delivered to us at home for two weeks following the surgery.

And of course it is not just these kind acts and delicious food that make the difference, it is the love and spiritual fellowship that is behind them. It is this aspect of spiritual community that make me grateful to God and our Guru for bringing us here. I wake up every morning in this environment that is beautiful both in spirit and in physical plane, and the gratitude I feel in my heart is beyond words.