This evening I went to the Crystal Hermitage to gather some recording equiptment for a kirtan, and was dynamically engulfed in the aura of Swami Kriyananda. He lives downstairs, and I didn’t get a chance to greet him, but his aura permeated my whole being, making me smile with such sweet joy. I go to the Crystal Hermitage quite a few times a week to work in our small recording studio downstairs, so I’m very familiar with the general energy of the grounds. What an incredible contrast this was to my everyday experience.

Kriyananda writes of how the energies in our spines can be affected by the magnetism of others – how a bar of iron can become a magnet by being in close proximity with a stronger bar magnet. This evening I felt as though all my energies, normally scattered more or less outward, were being guided upward by the dynamic magnet of Swamiji. Like a bonfire that ignites flammable things around it, my own ardor for God has been dramatically improved.

The living presence of such an advanced spiritual person helps to dispel all doubts about the potency of spiritual practices. In his presence, you cannot deny the effects of a life lived for God. He gives so much hope, enabling us to feel that we, too, can achieve freedom.