Sixty years ago (yesterday) Swamiji knelt before Paramhansa Yogananda and said, “I want to be your disciple.”
Swami said his life changed for the better in that moment.

Today Swamiji spoke to hundreds of our spiritual family in the amphitheater at The Expanding Light.

I have never seen Swamiji use notes for a talk, but it appeared that he didn’t want to forget any of the important topics that he covered today.

He shared his life with Master. He shared the instruction and insight he received. It was quite amazing.

It was broadcast live and it will be on the web. It is long; one hour and forty minutes, but worth every second.

Yesterday, Swamiji led the noon meditation at The Expanding Light. It was wonderful: a wordless, blissful tribute to our guru and the joy of discipleship.

This afternoon is an open house at Crystal Hermitage. Hopefully, I will be able to post some photos from that event later.

God Bless you all. I will keep you in my thoughts throughout this weekend.

Keep Swami in your prayers.