Next week is a big one. Swami Kriyananda will be in Los Angeles to launch his new book, Revelations of Christ. Many people from Ananda Village and Ananda Colonies will also be there to join in and help with all the festivities.

Along with the book launch, some of the events we are all looking forward to are the performances of Swami Kriyananda’s play, The Jewel in the Lotus and the dedication ceremony to help launch Ananda Los Angeles. My husband Dave and I will be going down to record as many of the events that we can. So, I hope to share many photos from that trip, and Dave will be doing video.

One of my avenues of service here at Ananda is through photography. I have taken many classes, read many books and bought alot of equipment. But, I have gained the most as a yogi-photographer by studying Swami Kriyananda’s photography. He has taken, by his estimation, at least 15,000 photos. They are of people, places and things from all over the world.

Fortunately for us we all have access to his photos. They are in books and slideshows that he has written entire musical scores and narration for. They have been remastered (by Dave!), and are available to view on the web. I have looked through 1000’s of additional photos by Swamiji, and eventually came across this photo of a field of poppies.s-poppies.jpg

For some reason, this is my “ah-hah” photo where I started to understand what I should look for in my photos. There is a subtle quality to the light and it seems that Swamiji noticed and captured with his camera a quiet moment in time. swami-at-dedication.jpgOther than that, I can not say anything except that this photo feels good, and that it inspired me deeply, and this is what I try to capture with my camera.

All of Swamiji’s photos have a quality of stillness and insight, and I encourage you to spend time gazing at his photos. I am grateful that Swamiji has been so generous with all his God-given talents, and can inspire us all with photos, music and writing. new-statues-of-the-masters-at-hansa-temple.jpg

I also include a photo of Swamiji at the inspiring dedication ceremony of the new statues at the beautiful Hansa Temple. Next week, the inspiration continues…