My next door neighbor has two dogs, Aimos and Biggie. Ironically, Aimos is bigger than Biggie! He’s a short haired Saint Bernard weighing about 150 pounds. Biggie is a smaller English bulldog.

Whenever I go to pet Biggie, Aimos will butt in (literally) so he can be petted. He does not like being left out! He uses his weight and size to steal affection from us. He has what is known as FOMO (fear of missing out).

I’ve realized after observing Aimos’s petting FOMO, that I too have FOMO. I have friend FOMO. For example, through Ananda I am blessed to have a spiritual family around the world. Some of which I haven’t seen in years in Italy and India. I’d like to be with them in Italy, India, and all over the world at the same time.

How do we overcome FOMO? Go loco for LOBO! What do I mean? Loco is Spanish for crazy. You probably knew that. LOBO is acronym for “Love of Being Omnipresent.” Okay, I made that up.

To overcome the fear of missing out, try expanding your consciousness to embrace all life. Love your being of Omnipresence! Meditate deeply and consistently every day. First, you’ll experience the temple of silence and peace within our own heart. Next tune into the heart of everything and everyone. And finally, as Paramhansa Yogananda said move toward God’s “vast throbbing heart.”

Swami Kriyananda wrote an inspiring and uplifting affirmation on Self-Expansion. It helps me go loco for LOBO and overcome FOMO. I hope you enjoy it and it helps you go loco for LOBO too!


I feel myself in the flowing brooks, in the flight of birds, in the raging wind upon the mountains, in the gentle dance of flowers in a breeze. Renouncing my little, egoic self, I expand with my great, soul-Self everywhere!


Beloved Spirit in all that is! Help me in my own nothingness to find myself one with all that is.