Greetings everyone. Yesterday was a beautiful and inspiring Sunday Service. The new amphitheater at The Expanding Light was packed! I don’t know how to estimate the size of the group gathered but a guess would be 300 people.

Swami Kriyananda sat on the stage as the World Brotherhood Choir sang lovely songs. Then Swamiji spoke for at least an hour on many different subjects. Swamiji sat for the talk which was humorous, and deep, and encouraging.

Then he stood to read the Festival of Light. I have always loved the Festival and the story of the little bird. It sounded like he was telling the story rather than reading it. Swamiji meditated during the blessing as 8 Lightbearers shared the “touch of light”. At the end, Swamiji stood as we all shared these blessings with the world by chanting Aum. I saw a lot of radiant faces yesterday!

This talk went out “live” and the video will go out a bit later in the week. Dave, my husband, said that the service he is using to upload the videos to the web is so busy on the weekend that the video files can’t go up till about Tuesday or Wednesday. It is like big city traffic. But, he is committed sharing these talks with everyone and will get them out to you as soon as possible.

I took many photos this weekend, too many to post on this blog. I will try to post them on a gallery for you to see. I will update you on that.

Doing the photography for these events is a special treat for me. I try not to be distracted by composing photos, but rather try to feel what is happening so that I can share (and remember for myself) the beauty of the event that I am at. So, I am blessed twice… during the event and after, as I process the photos.

Here is a little odd news: The electrical storm the other day touched off some fires in the area. I can smell smoke in the air today and the sky is hazy. But, we are not threatened (that I know of).

Bless you all!!