Clarity Magazine, Spiritual Growth

Keys to Transcending Ego and Negativity

One of the easiest and most powerful ways to refine your bundle of self-definitions is to make sure to use positive, not negative words. If you are watchful, you can always find a way to substitute positive terminology for negative.

Clarity Magazine, Spiritual Growth

Lost in Transit

When I heard this seemingly final declaration of loss from the airline, I had an unexpected visceral reaction: I felt sick to my stomach, even though I knew I could fill the lost suitcase three times over with clothes in my closet at home.

Clarity Magazine, Overcoming Challenging Karma

The Power to Transcend All Obstacles

The more you walk hand in hand with God, the more you will experience the peace of knowing that no matter how difficult life becomes, in the end, everything works out.

Clarity Magazine, Daily Life

Obesity and the Spiritual Path

Even apart from the fulfillment it imparts, meditation tends to moderate a person’s desire to eat. Most people who meditate regularly tend to have a lower and more balanced appetite. It is also very difficult to meditate deeply when the stomach is overloaded with food.

Clarity Magazine, Spiritual Growth

Joyful Willingness

Self-will and self-involvement put the devotee out of tune, and so block the flow of divine energy. Joyful willingness keeps the devotee in tune, and thus in touch with the power of the Infinite.

Clarity Magazine, Happiness

How to Live in the Eternal Present

Even to live your best each day is not the deepest teaching, for today belongs to the flow of time, whereas perfect joy and awareness lie beyond time, in the eternal present. It is important, therefore, to learn to live behind the scenes of relative time, in the unchanging present.

Clarity Magazine, Coping with Loss

Welcoming Death: A Conscious Transition

I am coming to the end of a lifetime in which it has become clear that God loves me and that together we have been victorious. Ending life on this note seems perfect. By the grace of God, I have been given the strength and clarity to take the next step.

Clarity Magazine, Spiritual Growth

Answering the Call to Pilgrimage

My hands submerged in the warm, soapy water, I heard Divine Mother’s guiding inner voice: “You have to go, or else you have to get cancer, for there is no other way to teach you your lessons.” Her message stunned me to my core.

Clarity Magazine, Happiness

Learn to Express Your True Personality

Strive always to develop a personality that is derived from living in the continuous consciousness of God. Any other personality will bring disenchantment in its wake because all human expressions have their limitations.

Clarity Magazine, Spiritual Growth

Transcend the Delusion of Self-Importance: Ten Key Steps

Where your own work is concerned, remember that Maya (delusion) will always try to trick you into seeking self-gratification by ego-affirming means. The way to defeat Maya’s ego-narrowing argument is to remind yourself constantly that happiness and fulfillment come through self-expansion.