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Aum Guru Aum

Chanting by devotees from Ananda Delhi. Pour your devotion and love to the feet of great gurus.

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Govinda Jai Jai

Chanting by devotees from Ananda Delhi.

Music and the Arts

Experiments with Freedom

This month, I experimented a little with the concept of freedom. I was working on an art piece on this theme, and around this time we also honoured Swami Kriyananda’s journey to Moksha (on the day of his passing, April 21st). His inner freedom and joy was easily perceptible to anyone who had the blessing to meet him, even briefly. And … Read More

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Christ Lives! An Oratorio — Easter 2022 Performance at Ananda Village

Recorded April 15th 2022 at the Temple of Light at Ananda Village Composed after Swami Kriyananda visited the Holy Land in 1983, “Christ Lives” brilliantly captures the profoundly inspiring and uplifting experience of Christ’s presence there. An illustrated oratorio, Christ Lives is a contemporary Oratorio that vividly brings to life the deep meaning of Christ’s life. This is Swami Kriyananda’s … Read More

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Jim Brown – God Has a Sense of Humor (Ep. 33)

Lyrics (Swami Kriyananda) (Oh, keep a level head, boys, And preach the lighter news. Don’t disappoint the gentle folk: Our church needs better pews!) Jim Brown was hired to clean the church; All week he kept it fair. That Sunday with his family He came to worship there, That Sunday with his family He came to worship there. “Oh, no, … Read More

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Desert Solitude – Wisdom Is the Death of All Suffering (Ep. 32)

Lyrics (Swami Kriyananda) John, renouncing all, Left his home. Wrapped in solitude, Far from men’s ways, Roaming across desert sands, Seeking God’s truth. Long years he spoke only with God, ‘Til, silent of soul, Wisdom did fill the ache of his heart: Then he did see God alone. Narration from “Christ Lives” Oratorio score: “And in those days came John … Read More