In the silence of my soul I cry, “Divine Mother, manifest Thyself as Cosmic Consciousness to all men. Divine Mother, take complete possession of our lives. Divine Christ, forget us not though we forget Thee. Remember us, though we remember Thee not. Be not indifferent to us, though we are indifferent to Thee. May Thy love shine forever on the sanctuary of our devotion, and may we be able to awaken Thy love in all hearts.”

The happiness which God gives is greater than anything the world can offer. Divine Joy is enduring, eternal. When everything else melts away, that joy remains.

If you would experience this joy, spend more of your time in solitude. Remember, the only real happiness is in communing with God in meditation. Although you meditate two or three hours at night, and then sing and talk to Him, at first you will find no response. Then, suddenly, a light will appear. Suddenly a fragrance will come. This is the way God manifests Himself to man, but it requires great persistence on your part.

Separate yourself from your thoughts and emotions. Keep a secret room in your soul for Christ, and when you retire there to meditate deeply, you will find great happiness.

The whole ocean of joy rolls beneath the little wave of your consciousness. Do not be satisfied with a little silence. Go on endlessly. It requires a relentless pursuit of day and night meditation to get results.

Just behind your eyes, just behind your thoughts, just behind your feelings is God. When you are calm, the whole universe of happiness rocks beneath your consciousness. The whole universe talks to you. That is God speaking to you.

Absence of physical light is darkness, but spiritual light shines everywhere – even in the darkness. Behind physical darkness is Light. When, in meditation, you pierce the darkness, you behold the Spiritual eye. It is behind these clouds of darkness, with closed eyes, that Christ is perceived. Through the Spiritual Eye you can come into the sphere of awakened silence. Prepare your mind, and meditate until your entire consciousness passes through the telescopic eye and beholds Christ Consciousness now.

Christ must be reborn in your consciousness. First, you must perceive Him in Spirit, and then you will be able to see Him in the body. Meditate so deeply and so strongly today that you feel Him and know that He is real and not just mere imagination. Christ is real. He must come to you. That you will attain this happiness – this unending joy in Christ – is my Christmas wish for you.

If you want real emancipation, do not waste your time. If you want to be prince of the world and conquer fear, disease, suffering, and death, do not go to bed until you make the contact with God. Do not go to sleep unless you feel that He is with you. If you will do this every day, you will see such happiness come into your life that it goes beyond all understanding. You must make the effort, but the effort will be worthwhile. Follow the way of the Christ and do not give up.

Your most important engagement is with God, and the way to meet Him is through persistent meditation. Prepare your cradle for the Christ Child now.

May God bless you with the gift of Christ in your consciousness this Holy Christmas Day.