Manifest Thyself to me, O Father, as the light of reason and as the blaze of wisdom, as the breeze of amity and of self-expanding harmony. Manifest Thyself through the song of atoms and electrons, whose music‐vibration encompasses the universe. Teach me to hear Thy cosmic voice which first commanded all vibration to begin, inspiring every pinpoint of Creation to sing its own special melody. Oh, let me hear within me Thy cosmic voice, so long hidden behind the hubbub of outer Creation. Let my magic wand of meditation touch all sounds and melt them into the One cosmic sound of Aum. Lo! how it courses, o’er the earth, in the sky, and far out from Earth to reach the stars. Appear to me as Aum, Aum, Aum—Thy cosmic song, which gives life to and infuses all sounds. Every cell of my body, every nerve, every ripple of my thoughts now sings with Thy great cosmic anthem: Aum !


106. Demand for An Immediate Need to Be Supplied