105. Demand for Realizing the Expansion of Consciousness in the Cosmic Sound

Manifest Thyself to me, O Father, as the light of reason, as the blaze of wisdom, as the breeze of amity and harmony. Manifest Thyself through the song of atoms and electrons, and the vibration of their music. Teach me to hear Thy voice — Thy cosmic voice which commanded all vibration to spring forth, which commanded each melody to sing its own song. I want to hear Thy cosmic voice, undrowned by creation’s multitudinous songs. The magic wand of meditation touches all sounds, and melts them into the One cosmic sound of Aum — coursing down the earth, down the sky, and down the stars. Appear to me as Aum, Aum, the cosmic song of all sounds. All tissues of my body, all cords of my nerves, now sing Thy cosmic song of Aum!


106. Demand for An Immediate Need to Be Supplied