O Father, may I behold Thee: above, beneath, behind, around—wherever I turn my gaze! Train the children of my senses never to stray from Thee, who dwellest at the heart of everything. Turn my eyes inward, to Thy changeless beauty. Attune my ears to silence, that I may hear Thy subtlest music. Breathe on me the heavenly scent of Thy sacred presence.

Orient‐wise I will worship Thee, placing the candles of my five senses on the altar of my love. Thus I will contact Thee in the first pale shafts of dawn; absorb Thee in the bright light of noon; expand in Thee with the hidden glow of twilight; and merge in Thee in the silver moonlight. Always will I keep alight on my inner altar the mystic taper of my love for Thee.


109. Demand to Be Kept Awake and Ready