O God, let me not whine complainingly, “Why hast Thou yoked me to the heavy demands of flesh, to constant hunger, a slave to fatigue and earthly discomfort?” I blame no businessman for being busy: dost Thou not keep the bee busy constantly? Dost Thou not send rain to water the earth, which yields life‐sustaining crops? If even the skies are darkened with clouds to sprinkle life down upon thirsty crops, who am I to complain so selfishly, so childishly, so uselessly:“What about poor me?”

The Master Potter of life molded this clay ball of earth; He keeps it busy ever whirling in its orbit, holding it ray‐strung to the sun, around which it rotates in ceaseless rhythm.

The Cosmic Potter busily forms, by the trillions, fragile vessels of flesh on His revolving wheel of life.

The amoeba, the butter y, the whippoorwill, the gigantic fiery‐eyed bodies that wander on vast tracts of space growling their own variants of Aum—all must do some aspect of His work.

Even the fickle lightning in the sky must do its bit to help with the spraying of timely showers.

O Lord of all Life, Thou art the busiest Worker in Creation: ever alert, noting the fall of every sparrow, attending to the slightest scratch of flesh, and plotting the course of each meteor.

Thou dost produce everything out of Thine unseen factory of creation. Thou art the Maker and Displayer of innumerable artifacts. Thou art also the Divine Salesman, selling health, mental electricity, and nuggets of wisdom to mankind.

And—oh, yes!—Thou dost make us pay for everything! We pay in the effort we must put forth to live hygienically, and to acquire that food which will buy us good health. We pay coins of self development for the power that lights the cozy cottage of our minds. And we pay gold nuggets of devotion perchance, to hold Thee to us, and ourselves to Thee.

We must give energy, in one form or another, for everything we receive. Only Thou, Thyself, art not for sale, though some people try to purchase Thy favor!

O Priceless One, what value can be placed on Thee? Yet Thou givest Thyself freely to us when we remind Thee that we are Thy children, heirs to Thy all‐encompassing kingdom, and part of Thy own Self.


167. Teach Us to Consider No Work More Important Than Thy Work