Miles and miles of eternity I traversed, humming Thy name, seeking the garden of my dreams.

I am Thy tiny hummingbird, busily fluttering the wings of activity in service to Thee. I must travel far to find Thy rare orchid blossoms, and to revel in a symphony of color on far mountain slopes of my dreams.

I am Thy busy hummingbird, ever humming Thy name, dipping my long beak deep into the feeling heart of all soul‐qualities: golden, blue, marigold, and flowers of many hues. By Thy grace, may I not, inadvertently, sip any bitter honey of evil.

I am Thy tiny hummingbird, buzzing with Thy unceasing vitality, sipping from all the blossoms in Thy fragrant garden of sweet joy, and in the humblest wayside plots of all human sweetness.


187. Many Doors Opened Before Me