187. Bless Thy Humming Bird to Drink of Thy Honey

Miles and miles of eternity I traversed, humming Thy name, seeking the garden of my dreams.

I am Thy tiny humming bird; yet I keep the wings of my activity ever working, for I must travel far to find Thy rarest orchid blooms, reveling in a color symphony on the very highest mountain crag of dreams.

I am the humming bird which hums Thy name, and dips its long beak of feeling deep into the heart of golden, blue, marigold, many-hued flower-qualities. May Thy grace save me from tasting any bitter honey of evil.

I am Thy tiny humming bird, buzzing with Thine unceasing power, drinking honey from love-drunk blossoms which grow in Thy hanging gardens of glory and in the humblest wayside plots of human sweetness.


188. Many Doors Opened Before Me