189. Driving the Rebel-King, Ignorance

O mighty, mystic Judge of Life, I asked Thee in the chamber of soul-stillness: “What is sin?”

Thy dim whispers of silence grew into bright articulations of thought, and I knew the meaning of Thine answer: The rebel-king of sin is Ignorance. It is the pioneer originator of all organized evil, the main root of the tree of ill-health, the primal cause of all inefficiencies and soul-blindness.

King Ignorance, and his army of physical bacteria of disease, mental bacteria of incapacities, greed, false ambition, and lack of God-concentration, have been marching to devastate the harvest-fields of nourishing spirituality.

Thy harvest of many fulfillments was about to be reaped, when the cruel feet of error trampled it down. As I was about to weep in despair, I heard Thy voice saying: “The sun of My protection shines equally on thy ruby-days and on thy coal-black hours. So must thou have faith and smile, for the greatest of all sins against Spirit is not to be happy. Let the ripple of perpetual smiles play on thy face. Through the transparency of thy smiles, My light will come to thine aid. By being happy, thou dost please Me.”


190. Cure Spiritual Deafness and Make Me Listen to the Chorus of Noble Qualities