205. Prayer-Demand to Reach the One Highway of Realization

O Beacon of Light and Flower of Fragrance, awaken our senses!

Even as the “Hound of Heaven”, let us scent the right bypath which leads quickly to the One highway of realization and straight to Thee.

O Thou Unfailing Beacon of Light, point Thy Finger of illumination across the darkness of our ignorance — that we may find the right way, without being sidetracked and without unnecessary delay.

No matter which bypath of formal worship we may follow, guide us at last to the highway of common intuition, which leads to Thee.

Above narrow lanes of bigotry and unyielding walls of prejudices, let our souls travel safely in Thy plane of upliftment. And let us meet, at last, for universal worship, in Thy temple of free skies (that cannot be walled in by man-made, man-interpreted, man-prescribed beliefs and limitations), where we may chant to Thine omnipresence all the sacred hymns of our hearts!

Teach us the scientific technique of salvation, and the spiritual technique of realization, the light-born child of mother-science.

Even as in this age of physical flight, we may guide our steel-bird planes safely through fog and night-darkness, by following the electric finger of light sent from tower to tower, in man-directed course from city to city, state to state, and country to country.

O! Thou Beacon of Light! Send Thy guiding ray of sweet-scented brightness of knowledge across the darkness of our ignorance; so that we may safely and quickly find our spiritual way from landing-place to landing-place, incarnation to incarnation.

And O! Flower of Fragrance! Send Thy breath of love to cheer us always, as we climb the spheres of realization, on our way to Thee: that we may dream of Thy skiey garden, and speed our souls’ journey, in our unquenchable thirst for Thee.


206. Flowers and Skies, Heralds of Thee