Flower of all Fragrances, awaken our senses!

Lead us not through forests of uncertainty, where many bypaths lead off in diverse directions, twisting and turning, though as it were hopefully, past endless obstacles to Thy City of Light. Take us out quickly onto that inner highway of realization, the spine, which leads directly to Thee.

O Thou Unfailing Beacon of Light, send Thy illuminating ray into the darkness of our ignorance. Show us the right way, and let us not be sidetracked by mere beliefs and dogmas. Help us to experience Thee.

No matter what our bypath of formal worship, guide us at last onto the highway of common soul‐intuition, which leads to direct perception of Thee.

Soaring high above narrow lanes of bigotry, and lightly over unyielding walls of religious prejudice, lift our souls safely up into Thy free skies of bliss. And let us meet together joyfully in Thy unwalled temple of universal worship, with its dome of the free sky not structured by man‐made, man‐interpreted, man‐prescribed beliefs and limitations. There shall we raise chants of devotion to Thy omnipresence, our hymns made sacred by the simple, direct sincerity of our hearts!

Teach us to seek Thee by paying careful, scientific attention, first, to what actually lifts our consciousness: practical techniques of salvation that open our consciousness to experience Thee.

As we live today in a new age of energy, which has given us physical flight, so let us realize that we have it in us to guide our airplanes of thought high above the dark fogs of mere theological opinions, denunciations, and sectarian squabbling to see the same, one sun of truth in turn lighting city after city, country after country, continent after continent. Even so dost Thou bless all equally with Thy love.

O Beacon of Cosmic Light! Send Thy guiding ray of divine understanding into the darkness of our ignorance, that our soaring consciousness may land safely, incarnation after incarnation, on terrain conducive to continued thoughts of Thee.

And, O Flower of Fragrance! Send us the scent of love, to inspire us always in our search for Thee with longing to climb ever higher into the stratosphere of divine realization. May dreams of Thy perfect garden, far above all space and time—but near to us always, in our hearts!—speed our souls’ journey and quench our thirst in Thee.


205. Flowers and Skies, Heralds of Thee