207. Divine Mother, Come Thyself Into the Waiting Temple of Our Love

Divine Mother, be Thou the only flame in our hearts, burning away all darkness within us.

Divine Mother, be Thou the fragrance ever exuding from the vase of our hearts and permeating the nooks of devoted souls whom we love.

In the tears of our love for Thee, wash away all our love for material possessions. In the tears of communion with Thee, wash away all sorrow forevermore.

Divine Mother, unite our little hearts into a greater heart for Thine omnipresence to rest in, forever and forever. Teach us to behold ourselves as perfect in the mirror of Thy divinity. Let the flame of our love for Thee soar triumphantly above the little hissing flames of earthly desires.

O Divine Mother, may the shooting star of our love for Thee race gloriously through the dark skies of forgetfulness, even as the thunders of boisterous daily activities burst within us.

Divine Mother, temples, organizations, money, a million distractions, have come in Thy divine role to delude us. ‘Tis time that Thou dost come Thyself into the waiting Temple of our love.

O! Be Thou the pole-star of our wandering activity in the dark night of ignorance, leading us safely to our haven in Thee.


208. O Divine Mother, I Am Thine, for Thou Art Eternally Mine