40. May I Seize Thee at Eternity’s End?

O Thou Thief of Hearts, the rays of joy spreading in the firmament of my inner silence heralded the promise of Thine approach.

Many nights in twinkling garments, many dawns donning green veils of glittering, dewy pearls, many twilights dancing in cadence with cow-bells, many years decked with spring-blossoms, summer-zephyrs, diamond-icicles, and the shining garment of fluttering rains blushing with joyous expectancy, waited for Thee in the bower of memory.

But the wolf of time stole upon Thy devotees, and they are no more. I am left alone — all alone — and love for fickle festivities has flown. Yet will I travel with the ever-roaming hours in search of Thy path. I mind not waiting even a thousand millenniums, for I know I shall seize Thee, O Thief of Hearts, sometime, at eternity’s end!


41. Wake Me, That I May Know the Terrors of Mundane Delusion to Be But Dreams