6. Universal Prayer of the Cosmic Temple

With a myriad of living thoughts of devotion, I have built for Thee a temple of awakened silence. I have brought the multi-colored lamps of wisdom from all good faiths. They all shine with the luster of Thy one truth.

The commingled incense of human cravings for Thee soars in spirals from the vase of our hearts. Thy sacred presence is glistening on altars everywhere.

All prayers of all temples, tabernacles, churches, and mosques are chanting to Thee in the one universal language of deep love. The orchestra of our feelings plays in tune with the chorus of all soul-songs, the cry of all tears, the bursting shout of all joys, and the anthem of all prayers.

In this wall-less cosmic temple of our souls, we worship Thee, our one Father. Be pleased to reveal Thyself thus, always. Amen, Aum, Amin.


7. Worshipping the Cosmic Idol