61. Teach Me to Store Honey of Quality from All Soul-Flowers in the Honeycomb of My Heart

In the summer days of life, teach me to gather the honey from flowers of quality, which grow in the garden of human souls.

In the honeycomb of my heart. I will store perfumed forgiveness, myrrh-scented devotion, the rare essence of lotus-souls — fragrant honey of a million soul-flowers. And when the snowflakes of wintry experiences and earthly separation dance around me, I shall hide in the honeycomb of my heart, where I often found Thee stealing the honey of my stored devotion.

Where Thou camest — in that spot made hallow by the dust of Thy feet — I will lie. In the depth of Thy footprints may I find my nook of safety.


62. Teach Me to Give Sweet Forgiveness, Though Crushed by Criticism