Whispers from Eternity*

I was deaf, but Eternity whispered to me unceasingly. My wisdom’s hearing-power slowly left its slumber, and I heard the Whispers of Eternity becoming ever clearer and clearer, in response to my sacred demands.

I asked Eternity: “What do Thy whispers mean?”

The whispers grew stronger and stronger until at last, suddenly, Eternity loudly answered: “Hear, thou, God’s voice of guidance, unceasingly. I am His spokesman — Eternity. I have whispered through thy slumber of ages: ‘Wake thyself!’ Now, thou art awake, and yet My whispers will never cease to say: ‘Wake thy brothers!’ In the nooks of sleeping minds, everywhere, My whispers are constantly working. Work thou with Me, through living, eternal whispers — that all may hear His voice.”

I replied to Eternity: “I will send whispers to all sleeping brothers, saying: ‘Awake! Get ready! Come home where He gives perennial peace!’ And I will borrow Thy voice, Eternity, when my earthly voice can be heard no more, and then I will still utter through Thee: ‘O! hear His all-solacing song-whispers!’”

I will wait for all, just to utter Eternity’s whispers. As my countless human brothers, as well as beasts and atom-sparks, slowly travel toward the chamber of final freedom, in a seemingly endless train, I will softly say, through these Whispers from Eternity: “Awake! Let us all go home together, following His ever-calling voice.”


Key to Demands


  1. *The word “Eternity,” as used herein, is meant to symbolize God as manifested in nature and human souls. This hook endeavors to show how a practical communion can he established between Eternity and the human mind. Communion with the Intangible God is possible only through the tangible manifestations of Eternity.

    Man’s demands to God and Eternity for guidance must he made through effectual secret whispers, in deep meditation; these will be answered through helpful whispers. The demands should be unceasingly uttered to the ears of living Eternity in the human soul; then God and Eternity will respond with mysterious, silent help — changing one’s entire being and environment.
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