From A Tale of Songs by Swami Kriyananda
“I have often described this song as my ‘favorite.’ It came to me almost by accident. Placing my fingers on the keyboard, I asked God to give me a melody about love. The melody came at once only the melody. I called it, ‘Love Is a Magician.’ It seemed to me that the melody alone sufficed for the mood I wanted to express. Later, however, a friend wrote words for the melody that absolutely demanded new words of my own. I don’t remember his words now, but I recall one line: ‘You’ve sawed my heart in two’!”

Love is all I know:
Sunrays on the snow
Of a winter long
In darkness, without song.
Oh, my heart’s afire,
Burning all desire:
Only You remain,
And life again!

Too long I did stray,
Flung lifetimes away—
Imagined You did not care!
I know now Your smile
Was mine all the while:
I listened, and Love was there.

I can’t breathe for love!
All the stars above
Call to me: “Come home!
Life’s waves all end in foam.”
Only love can heal
All the pain I feel.
What a fool was I
To turn away!