A True Story

The story and teachings of the great yoga master Paramhansa Yogananda come to life in The Answer movie, chronicling the true story of an American, James Donald Walters (later Swami Kriyananda).

The film portrays the search for truth that took him from his birthplace in Romania in 1926 to Hollywood, California where he met and was accepted as a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, the famous author of Autobiography of a Yogi.

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Victor Banerjee as Paramhansa Yogananda

Victor Banerjee

Victor Baner-jee

Leonidas Gulaptis as Donald J. Walters

Leonidas Gulaptis

The Answer offers an excellent chance to learn from Yogananda's teachings. Times of India
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More About The Answer Movie

The Answer is a film that explores the timeless quest of those who seek profound purpose and meaning in life. The movie is an absorbing appeal to courageously seek out answers that lie beyond the horizon of our understanding.

James Donald Walters (Leonidas Gulaptis), The Answer movie’s protagonist, refuses to allow his life to be dominated by cultural, material, and societal expectations. He has been searching for something that he is desperate to find – something he cannot fully define but feels deeply about. Money cannot buy it, personal relationships cannot satisfy it, and no one he has known has been able to give him an explanation of it. Walters wants to know the meaning of his life and find his deepest and highest purpose.

A Seeker’s Spiritual Search

The film follows his evolution and search. His is a spiritual expedition, a transformational quest that leads him to an avatar – his guru Paramhansa Yogananda (an Indian yoga master), brilliantly portrayed by Victor Banerjee.

This movie artfully depicts the disciple-guru relationship, the struggle between faith and disbelief, and the need for direction along the often risky path to enlightenment and Self-realization. Yogananda becomes the safe harbor and guiding light for “Walter”, as he was called by his guru. Walter would later be known as Swami Kriyananda. The film follows his journey of surprising revelations and self-discovery.

The Answer movie resonates on the most profound levels of human experience and emboldens us to courageously pursue the deepest longings of the heart. It is a reminder and an invitation to respond to the wondrous call of the divine that will ultimately lead us all to find the Answer.

The Answer is a moving tale of a guru-shishya relationship. Picturized beautifully, it will surely resonate with the followers of Guru Paramhansa Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda. Rajinikanth