Ananda offers classes in a variety of formats and also programs at retreat centers. You can go in person to a local center or meditation group, go for a retreat at one of our retreat centers, take an online course, join our Virtual Community and participate in meditations and live interactive webinars, or even take a correspondence course through the mail.

Local Classes

Please visit our Find Ananda Near You page to contact your local center and find out what is available near you.

Retreat Centers

United States

The Expanding Light Retreat in Northern California offers yoga and meditation teacher training, personal retreats, and more in a peaceful and healing environment. The Ananda Meditation Retreat in Northern California is located on 80 pristine acres of forested land provides an optimal setting for individuals or groups coming for retreat, seclusion, educational, or special programs. All our retreats are filled with wildlife and the beauty of nature.

Ananda AssisiItaly

Located in the beautiful Umbrian hills near Assisi, Italy, Ananda Italy offers many courses that touch a wide variety of subjects, having this in common: each one offers you spiritual techniques for inner growth, and also shows you how to apply higher awareness to daily life circumstances.


Open to visitors every day of the year, guests at the Ananda Yoga Retreat near Pune, India, participate in a variety of weekend and week-long programs as well as a regular Saturday afternoon satsang. They are also welcome to join in the daily life of the residents, devoting time each day to meditation. For those desiring it, complete seclusion can be arranged.

Special Programs

Families for a New Tomorrow Camp

Nevada City, California

Explore, discover, relax, and play with other spiritually-minded families. Learn how to nourish your family’s innate spirituality through classes and activities, conducted by Ananda Living Wisdom School teachers and community residents.