Volume 1: Live From Your Center

Discover how to stay calm, take charge of your mind, and be more effective in everything you do. The key is to use body and mind to work skillfully with the body’s main flows of subtle energy.  

Volume 2: Energize Your Life

True success requires high energy plus the ability to focus that energy. These classes help you develop both. They also show you how to use that higher level of energy in Yoga practice, and throughout your life.

Volume 3: Relax and Reconnect

True relaxation is central to a healthy, successful lifestyle. It’s not about sleep; its higher expressions are dynamic, empowering, and subtle. These classes will help you develop invaluable relaxation skills. 

Volume 4: Enhance Your Meditation

Harness the transformative power of classical meditation, the central technique of Yoga. Learn to use asana and pranayama techniques to enhance your meditation, creativity, intuition—and your joy level! 

Volume 5: Build Inner Strength

Create new possibilities in life by developing the many dimensions of your personal strength. You’ll learn empowering techniques and gain valuable insights into how to use your newfound power.

Volume 6: Attain True Happiness

Discover the secrets of living in a dynamic state of joyful wellbeing, untouched by any outward circumstance. You can develop this vital life skill through the simple-yet-powerful practices in these classes.

Volume 7: Find Peace of Mind

Learn ways to reclaim the peace of your inner being—and stay in peace through all the activities and challenges of modern life. You’ll gain a broad range of effective tools for dynamic yet peaceful living.

Volume 8: Heal Your Body and Mind

Use Ananda Yoga’s many tools to augment your body’s natural healing capacities, enhance mental calmness and clarity, and get you on your way—and keep you on your way—to optimal wellbeing.

Volume 9: Achieve Your Goals

To realize your dreams in life, you need certain skills. Ananda Yoga is a perfect system for developing those skills, for its many tools will help you take both your inner and your outer capabilities to the next level.

Volume 10: Balance Your Emotions

Emotional balance is a prerequisite for happiness. Though your emotions may sometimes run away with you, you can learn to calm them and make positive use of their energy for greater strength and stability.

Volume 11: Deepen Your Inner Life

A dynamic inner life is the key to peace, spiritual growth, and lasting happiness. Experience the many ways in which Ananda Yoga provides tools for energizing, enhancing, and deepening your inner life.

Volume 12: Come Closer to God

This is what it’s all about: taking advantage of yoga’s many ways—proven through millennia—in which you can deepen your divine connection and experience the closeness to God that your soul yearns for.