To Meditate on Christmas Eve

Lift your eyes and concentrate within. Behold the astral star of divine wisdom and let the wise thoughts in you follow that star to behold the Christ everywhere.

In that land of everlasting Christmas, of festive, omnipresent Christ Consciousness*, you will find Jesus, Krishna, the saints of all religions, the great guru, all waiting to give you a divine floral reception of ever new, everlasting happiness.

Prepare for the baby Christ by decorating the Christmas tree of your universal love with gifts of calmness, forgiveness, nobility, service, kindness, spiritual understanding, and devotion, wrapped in your golden good will and bound with the silver cord of your pure sincerity.

On the Christmas tree of Christ Consciousness hang your material desires to remain forever. Give unto Christ all your gifts of love and devotion. Let Him, on the Christmas morn of your spiritual awakening, unwrap the gorgeous present of your heart offerings that have been sealed with the tears of your golden joy and bound with the cord of your eternal loyalty to Him.

He accepts only the gifts of sacred soul‑dreams, and His acceptance will be His greatest gift to you. If He gives anything to anyone, He gives nothing less than Himself. In giving Himself He will make your heart big enough to hold Him. Then your heart will throb with Christ in everything.

Enjoy this festivity, the birth of Christ, in your mind and soul and in every living atom.

By daily meditation you will prepare the cradle of your consciousness to behold the infinite baby Christ, and every day will become a true Christmas of Christ communion.

To Meditate on Christmas Morn

Celebrate the birth of Christ in the cradle of your consciousness during the Christmas season. Let His vast perception in Nature, in space, and in love be felt within your heart, as well as in the hearts of men of all races and religions.

Break the limitations of class, color, race, religious prejudice, and all inharmony so that the cradle of your heart may be big enough to hold within you the baby Christ love for all creation.

On every Christmas morn of your inner perception, let Christ love come to open those precious packages and deliver them to the beloved souls who gather around the Christmas tree of inner awakening to celebrate His birth in understanding, truth, and bliss.

Celebrating the birth of omniscient, omnipresent Christ Consciousness in your consciousness, on the joyous Christmas festivity of your inner awakening, you will find the unbroken happiness of your dreams.

Let the omniscient Christ Consciousness come to earth a second time and be born in you, even as it once manifested in the body of Jesus.

*Christ Consciousness in Sanskrit is “Kutastha Chaitanya,” the blissful consciousness in all creation that remains ever unchanged.