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Ananda Course in Meditation (Testimonial by Jeff)

September 23, 2021

Jeff shares his experiences of the difference that a regular practice of meditation made in his life. He believes it helped greatly heal migraine headaches he had been suffering from for eighteen years.



Hi, I'm Jeff Davenport, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The impetus for me starting the course in meditation class was pretty random. It was last December. And with COVID, I was looking for an online meditation group. And Google led me to Ananda; I signed up for the Lessons in Meditation (now called Ananda Course in Meditation) class and then the Principles of Self-Realization.

Before and After Meditation Benefits

What was my practice like before, a course in meditation? Well, I started a Christian meditation practice quite a few years ago. I practiced on and off over the years. And about ten years ago, I began reading about Zen and attending a Zen Center, but also rather inconsistently.

There have been really big changes in my life over the last seven months since I've taken this course. I'd say two in particular; one is joy. The Ananda slogan caught my attention right away. Joy is Within You. I think the meditation class helped me find that joy inside of me instead of looking for it outside and waiting for it to come to me in some kind of experience.

Secondly, I've suffered migraines for about 18 years. They’ve gotten worse over time to the point where I was taking medication almost every day to cope with them. Well, in the last four months since I finished this class, the days I've had to medicate, I could probably count on one hand.

I even went to my doctor, who was very familiar with my migraines and condition to see what she thought. Her medical opinion was just that my stress level must have gotten so low that it took care of them.

Who Not to Recommend Meditation To

Whether it’s stress or a miracle of meditation, or what, I don't know. But it sure is an incredible coincidence that for years have tried shots, neurologists, diets, chiropractors, and mental health therapy, and out of nowhere, now they're gone. Who would I recommend this class to? Probably easier to say whom I would not recommend the class to. Let's see,... if your life is perfect, you have abundant happiness, fulfillment, joy, and absolute bliss in your life; you don't need this course. But for the rest of us mortals who have varying degrees of happiness, I think it could be life-changing.

Learn Paramhansa Yogananda’s Scientific Meditation Techniques

Whether a beginning or experienced meditator, take this meditation class to develop or deepen your daily meditation practice and connect with your higher Self.

The Powerful Tool of Daily Meditation
Daily meditation helps us overcome our limitations and achieve our highest potential. Meditators worldwide testify that meditation helps transform commonly experienced emotions such as stress, fear and anxiety into the peace, calmness and joy. Regular meditation also naturally enhances our concentration, energy levels and creativity.

For the past 50 years, Ananda has taught Paramhansa Yogananda’s meditation techniques that show us how to attain optimal wellbeing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. With our Ananda Course in Meditation (formerly Lessons in Meditation) you, too, can learn to meditate deeply and consistently and can reap all the benefits of a vibrant meditation practice.

Why Take This Meditation Class?

Make Daily Meditation a Reality

Our 10-week online meditation class is structured to guide you step-by-step through the various tools and meditation techniques you need to create a sustainable practice. Weekly assignments and inspiration will help you build a routine that works for you. Receive Caring Support from Experienced Instructors We all face unique challenges with our meditations. Your instructors are there to answer your questions, to offer individual feedback, and to encourage you as you learn to meditate or deepen your existing practice.

Learn Meditation Techniques for Self-Realization

These universal scientific techniques taught by Paramhansa Yogananda are for mind, body, and soul healing. But most of all, they will help you connect with your higher Self, the Divine, or God. This course is also the first step toward learning Kriya Yoga, Yogananda’s highest technique for Self-realization.

Join a Worldwide Community of Truthseekers

With our cohort model, you will go through the course and meditate online with like-minded classmates from all over the world. Upon completion of the course, you will also receive a free one-month membership with Ananda’s Virtual Community.

What You’ll Receive in This Meditation Class

- A structured curriculum of 8 lessons in meditation with 2 additional weeks to pace your learning

- Weekly live webinars with guided meditations, discussions, and Q&A recorded for offline viewing

- Downloadable PDF of each meditation lesson

- Weekly assignments and quizzes to guide your understanding with personalized feedback

- Audio MP3s, videos, and inspiration accompanying each week’s meditation lesson

- Inspiration and sharing through online forums by our top meditation class instructors

- Certificate of completion

- Lifetime access to course material upon course completion

- One time free re-enrollment (within 2 years or course purchase) for students who are unable to complete the course