Quiet Mind: Tips for Meditators

Certain physical positions, mudras of hands, face, and eyes can help us achieve quietness of mind both during sitting and during daily activity. Hriman shares a few things he’s learned over the years that are not necessarily in classes or books. Transcript Nayaswami Hriman: Hello, my name is Nayaswami Hriman. And over my many years of practicing meditation and sharing … Read More

How to Overcome Sleepiness in Meditation

Nayaswami Padma shares an excerpt from Swami Kriyananda’s autobiography The New Path, the chapter, “Work vs Meditation.” For most of us, sleepiness creeps sometimes into our meditation practice. How do we keep ourselves from falling asleep? Transcript Nayaswami Padma Good afternoon, everyone. My name is Nayaswami Padma, and I’m here today to bring you the excerpt from the original teachings … Read More

Learn How to Meditate with Swami Kriyananda in 25 Minutes

In every part of the world, regardless of diverse cultures, calmness and peace of mind is observed to be a human phenomena. Lacking these, people get restless and unhappy. So what is sorely missing in our cultures, is the gathering of our concentration within ourselves, to remember who we are and to learn to meditate. What is meditation? Why meditate? … Read More

Guided Yogananda Meditation Practice with Melody Hansen

Let experienced yoga teacher Melody Hansen guide you in this uplifting and deeply relaxing 28 min meditation. Recorded in a beautiful garden at Ananda Village. Melody Hansen is a longtime yoga and meditation teacher and lives at Ananda Village, California. Here are more teaching videos with her.

Ananda Course in Meditation (Testimonial by Jeff)

Jeff shares his experiences of the difference that a regular practice of meditation made in his life. He believes it helped greatly heal migraine headaches he had been suffering from for eighteen years. Transcript Jeff: Hi, I’m Jeff Davenport, in Indianapolis, Indiana. The impetus for me starting the course in meditation class was pretty random. It was last December. And … Read More

Ananda Course in Meditation (Testimonial by John)

An attendee to the Ananda Course in Meditation bolstered his existing, but inconsistent, practice of meditation. John shares about his experience with participating in the course, previously called Lessons in Meditation. Transcript John: Hello, my name is John, and I’m an investigative social work supervisor. I live in Pennsylvania. Life-Changing Results When I found the Ananda Lessons in Meditation course, … Read More

Ananda Course in Meditation (Testimonial by Maja)

In this heartfelt video, Maja, a social worker and yoga teacher from Germany, shares her transformative journey with the Ananda Course in Meditation. Introduced to yoga 15 years ago, Maja delved into meditation through the guidance of her spouse and a close friend who were already Kriyabans. Encouraged by their experiences, she embarked on the course last October and now … Read More

Meditation: The Most Important Thing, Ever! (Podcast)

There are innumerable practices clubbed loosely under “meditation”. But what is meditation and why is it so important? Is it a stress buster? Is it a manifesting tool? Is it the way to God? Narayani and Shurjo share Paramhansa Yogananda’s wisdom and meditations on this very fundamental subject. #happinessnow #meditation #mostimportant #podcast #paramhansayogananda

Deepening Your Meditation with Hong Sau: A Class with Brahmachari Sagar

The class on Paramhansa Yogananda’s Hong Sau technique of meditation was recorded in the Temple of Light at Ananda Village as a part of Spiritual Renewal Week 2021. You can learn more about Hong Sau and learn to meditate online with Ananda Course in Meditation, our 10-week meditation course. Transcript Sagar: Hi, everyone. Welcome to this afternoon’s class on deepening … Read More