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Connect to Your Divine Power: Guided Meditation

Guided Meditations, Episode 39
Nayaswami Diksha
August 28, 2017

Nayaswami Diksha guides you in this 14-minute guided meditation to help you tune into your Divine Spiritual Power, as power is one of the 8 aspects of God.

Nayaswami Diksha is a long time meditator and teacher at the Expanding Light Retreat.

Video by the The Expanding Light Retreat.


Nayaswami Diksha:

My name is Nayaswami Diksha and I'm the co-director of the Ananda Meditation Teacher Training. I will guide you through a meditation to help you connect with your own inner power.

Power is one aspect of God. We can access it by withdrawing from the five senses, in focusing on the stillness within. Divine power helps us to follow truth and resist going against our higher nature.

Meditation Position

So first, find a comfortable sitting position. Sit upright, with the spine erect and the body relaxed.

You can take a few moments to offer a silent prayer for guidance and for success in your meditation practice.

[Pause] AUM, Peace, Amen.

Now, place the palms of the hands facing upward in a receptive mode, at the junction of thighs and abdomen. Sitting upright, lift up your chest, relax your shoulders. Keep your chin parallel to the floor.

Close your eyes. Lift your gaze slightly above the horizon line. Without strain keep your gaze lifted throughout the practice to help you connect with your higher power, your higher consciousness.

Relaxation Breath

Let's begin by tensing and relaxing the body. Let's inhale and tense, exhale and relax. Again, inhale and tense exhale and relax. Once more allow the body to relax completely. To calm the mind, interiorize it.

We'll practice equal count breathing. We'll inhale through the nose to the count of six, hold six and exhale to the count of six. We'll practice four rounds.

Let's begin. Inhale, hold, exhale. Inhale, hold, exhale again. Inhale, hold, exhale. One more round. Inhale hold, exhale.

Now take a regular inhalation, complete exhalation. Let go of the breath.

Allow the breath to flow in and out, naturally without control. As you watch the breath, see it is the life force flowing through you, the power that animates all creation.


To deepen your concentration we'll add the mantra "Hong Sau". When the breath flows in naturally mentally chant "Hong". When the breath flows out naturally mentally chant "Sau".

We'll also add now the movement of the right index finger. When the breath flows in naturally mentally chant "Hong" and curl the right index finger slightly towards your palm. When the breath flows out naturally, mentally chant "Sau" and relax the finger out.

If the mind wanders, gently bring it back. Watch the breath, accompanying it with a mantra and the movement of the right index finger.

As you watch the breath without control, it may begin to slow down. Enjoy the natural pauses of stillness between breaths.


And now, we'll release the technique. Gently inhale through your nose. Three exhales through your mouth in quick succession. Leave the breath out as long as it's comfortable. Sit in the silence. Enjoy the stillness.


Mentally build a fire at the point between your eyebrows. Think of this fire as a powerful instrument for burning up anything that you cast into it willingly. Cast into this fire your attachments, your desires, your bad habits, selfish thoughts of I me and mine, any doubts, any fears.

Offer all of these into the cleansing fire for purification. Now feel the space inside of you that you have created by releasing your limitations. Feel God's power in that space, God's power that created the universe and created you. This immense power is also the power of freedom, the power of victory.


Now mentally affirm: Mine is the power of the universe, channeled for my own awakening and the awakening of other sleeping souls!

Mine is the power of the universe, channeled for my own awakening and the awakening of other sleeping souls!

Now, prepare yourself to come back. Take a deep breath. Bring the consciousness back into your body and gently open your eyes.

Use your inner power to be in command of your energy and direct it towards your spiritual growth and to serving others.