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Relax into Infinite Space — A Guided Meditation

Nayaswami Diksha
March 5, 2021

A powerful guided visualization to relax and feel space in each body part, to help you meditate deeply and experience peace. This practice, accompanied by soothing music and imagery can help you release tension, feel calmness and expand your consciousness. The visualization is by Swami Kriyananda. Guided by Nayaswami Diksha.


Guidance on How to Prepare for Visualizations

Nayaswami Diksha:

We'll begin with two breathing techniques and then a visualization to fill space in the body. Then we'll practice a short meditation. Filling space in the body and then expanding that feeling outward into infinite space helps the soul to forget its attachment to the low body. And remember, its vast body is God.

So, sit upright and place your palms facing upward at the junction of thighs and abdomen.

Close your eyes. Lift your gaze slightly above the horizon line without strain

Let's tense and relax the body with the double breath.

Double inhale and tense. Double exhale and relax again

Once more.

Relaxing the Mind with Equal-Count Breathing

Now we'll practice three rounds of equal-count breathing. I will count to eight. If this is too long, choose a count that works for you. Let's begin.

Inhale through your nose.

Hold the breath.

Exhale through your nose.

[Repeat 2 more times.]

And relax completely. [Pause]

Experiencing Infinite Space Surrounding You

[Soft music plays throughout the visualization]

Visualize yourself surrounded by infinite space. [Pause] Feel the space stretching out in all directions to infinity, [Pause] and front of you and behind, [Pause] to the left, [Pause] and to the right, [Pause] above you and below you. [Pause] Feel the space expanding in all directions to infinity. [Pause]

Now concentrate on your body. Release into vast space like thin wisps of vapor any lingering tension from the muscles. [Pause]

Let go of the awareness of the body. It has become the vast emptiness all around you. [Pause]

Now, bring the feeling of space upwards in the body, [Pause] into the feet, [Pause] into the calves and thighs, [Pause] into the hips and buttocks, [Pause] into the abdomen and into the back, [Pause] into the hands, [Pause] the forearms and upper arms, [Pause] into the chest, [Pause] into the neck and the throat, [Pause] into the tongue and lips, [Pause] into all the facial muscles, into the nose, [Pause] eyes, [Pause] into the brain, [Pause] and the very top of the head. [Pause]

This body is no longer yours. You have become the essence of this subtle consciousness of absolute peace that permeates all things but untouched and unaffected by anything.

Practicing Hong Sau

Now bring your awareness to your breath. [Pause] Notice the sensation of air as it flows in and out through your nostrils. [Pause] Notice the point in the nose where you can feel the breath most clearly. [Pause] Concentrate on the flow of the breath as it flows through that point. [Pause]

 And now let's include the mantra. As the breath flows in naturally, mentally chant Hong throughout the inhalation. [Pause] As the breath flows out naturally, mentally chant Sau throughout the exhalation. [Pause]

Now, let's add the movement of the right index finger. As a breath flows in naturally, mentally chant Hong and curl the right index finger slightly towards your palm. [Pause] As the breath flows out naturally, mentally chant Sau and relaxed the finger away from the palm. [Pause]

If the mind wanders gently bring it back, watching the breath, repeating the mantra and moving the right index finger. [Pause] As the breath slows down naturally, as you watch it without control, enjoy the point of stillness between breaths. [Pause]

Expanding Peace

And now we'll release the technique. Gently inhale through your nose and exhale three times in quick succession. Sit quietly, gaze lifted focused on the divine quality of peace. [Pause] Feel the consciousness of peace expanding within you and radiating outward to infinity. [Pause] Feel the consciousness of peace embracing Infinity. [Long Pause]

And now, to end the practice, take a deep breath. Feel the consciousness back in your body and gently open your eyes.

AUM, Peace, Amen.