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Guided Sadhana Meditation

April 6, 2021

Guided meditation on eternal freedom (inspired by Easter), with Jacob


Good morning. I think my camera is focusing. Okay, so good morning. Thank you for joining me again, Monday morning, the day after Easter. So I thought, today we could draw on the inspiration of Easter, ride that holy wave and use the concept of freedom as our affirmation today.

Gentle Movement to Awaken the Body

But let's start with a little, just do a little stretch. Monday morning, wake up, raising apart arms, opening the sides of her body, opening the front of our body, rounding over opening the back. Anything that feels good for you gentle twist, tensing the body and releasing. Finding your seat allows you to sit comfortably with upright spine, ideally away from the back of your chair, Palms upturned where your thighs meet your abdomen, resting gently.

You want to find a place where you can be in the balancing point between the effort that it takes to sit upright and erect in good posture but also relaxed, rolling your shoulders back and opening the heart.

Preparing the Mind With Spiritual Teachings

We'll just jump right in this morning. We'll start with a reading from Essence self-realization.

Our emotions do not represent us as we really are in our souls. The soul is ever loving and ever filled with joy. Emotions, however, cloud that eternal reality. To find freedom, we must calm the waves of emotion and dwell ever only in the consciousness and enjoy.
Such as our journey transmuting energy of our emotions inward and upward or calling or sense of love and joy.

Let's pray together first, just bringing our awareness home during our awareness back from any and all distractions settling into the present moment

Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, Dearest Friend, Beloved God, Great Masters of East and West, Jesus Christ, Babaji Krishna, Lahiri Mahasaya, Swami Sri Yukteswar, Paramahansa Yogananda, saints of all religions, our friend and guide Swami Kriyananda.

We joyfully bow at your feet. Oh, Infinite Beloved Christ. As you resurrected your body on Easter, help us to resurrect our eternal joy, our eternal freedom in your infinite bliss, Help us to awaken that presence, to live in that reality, that we may be an inspiration and a helping hand for all those struggling for truth for answers for understanding. Make us your instrument. Make us awake in our true selves. The true image of God.

AUM, Shanti, Amen

Chanting to Awake the Heart's Vibration

I have this chant we did this Sunday service yesterday if everybody was tuning into that but it's such a delightful chant, simple and beautiful, and is about freedom. It's called “Rise and Freedom” and it's was written originally as a children's song. It’s just kind of sweet, and people loved it so much that they just adopted it as a chant.

Nothing on Earth can hold me.
Rise oh, my soul in freedom.

Rise oh, my soul in freedom.
Nothing to fear anymore.

A Call to Divine Mother

With that chant go within you as much as you can. Let’s do a reading from Whispers.

Mother Divine, the brave may laugh as they pass them on flying bullets, their death threatens with each one. I laugh, however, because whether I'm floating on the surface of this present life or sinking beneath the waves of death, I rest forever in Thy protecting omnipresent, eternal life held safely forever in Thy immortal arms.

Preparing the Body for Meditation

Just make any adjustments to our posture that we need to, feeling ourselves suspended from our spine to the top of our head crown chakra

And let's do a few rounds, tensing the body with the double breath, starting by exhaling, letting go of all that excess air, all that obvious tension in our bodies. And with a double breath in, tensing the body and filling it with vitality, relaxing completely. Again. Tensing and vibrating with energy. Relaxing, everywhere, everything. One more time. [Sound of deep breath in followed by exhaling.] Relaxing with joy inward and upward. Bring an awareness to the point between the eyebrows, the point of divine contact, bringing your awareness inward.

And we’ll do a few rounds of even count breathing, starting again by exhaling completely.
Inhaling, holding, exhaling, inhaling, holding, Inhaling, holding, and exhaling. Take one more long deep breath with a relaxed body, filling yourself with joy, with energy, with light, and throwing the breath out, drawing the awareness ever more deeply to the point between the eyebrows, allowing the breath now to flow naturally on its own.

Adding a Mantra to Our Meditation Practice

We're starting to detach our sense of identity from the body from the breath or sense of needing to control what happens in the physical world, even with our own physical body. Swami Kriyananda said that Kriyananda is only an event for which I am responsible. Similarly, we too as we bring our awareness inward into our soul identity, we can allow ourselves to experiment with releasing our sense of identity our hold on the body and with it our outward need for things to be any particular way. So, we relax inward and upward, allowing the breath to flow in and out.

With the inhalation, as it flows naturally, you can chant silently, mentally at the point between the eyebrows, I am, and with the exhalation flowing out, we chant free. I am free. As the inhalation rises and falls, the gentle ocean swells, supporting and nourishing us, perhaps growing ever more calm. And if for a moment your ocean becomes still, no breath comes, enjoy that experience. It's a blessed state to be breathless, for even a little moment as we go deeper in our practice to be able to hold on to that state for longer and longer. We allow ourselves to relax into stillness, into the silence where we find our freedom, where we find the answers where we know the answer, where we find our calmness and joy and freedom. I AM Free.

Bringing the mind back as often as you need. When you notice other thoughts come in, bring the mind back. I AM Free.

Bringing in the power of your concentration on this mantra, if other thoughts come in, recognize that they're just energy. Take that energy now, focusing into the mantra, taking you ever more deeply.

Continue for a few more breaths. I AM Free.

Letting go of that mantra, of that affirmation, feeling the power of this practice that you've cultivated within yourself, feeling that expansive quality of freedom, expanding self-awareness and allow yourself to bask in that reality, and that awakened sense. Feel it's settling into all your cells every fiber of your being.

Sharing the Blessings With Others

And in closing, share these blessings with anyone in need of healing, body, mind or soul. Let's feel this sense of expansive awakened compassion enveloping, embracing uplifting all those souls who are suffering in any way, mental, physical, or spiritual. May our practice serve to uplift and bless all our brothers and sisters who are in need. Visualizing anyone in particular plus, seeing them filled with light, radiant and whole.

And let's pray.

Divine Mother Thou art omnipresent. Thou art in all these Thy children. Manifest Thy healing presence in their bodies, minds and souls.
AUM, Shanti

Thank you again for joining me. Have a blessed Monday. Have a blessed week. Stay in silence as long as you're able to and return as often as you can. And I'll see you next time.