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Guided Meditation for Busy People

Guided Meditations, Episode 20
Mai Lee
February 15, 2018

Free yourself from stress in this 15-minute guided meditation for busy people. Experience peace of mind through this short and simple meditation for everyone.

Mai Lee  is a longtime meditator and lives at Ananda Village, California.


Mai Lee:

Hello, friends. Thank you for joining me today.

I want to walk you through my daily practice, coming from a big city like Los Angeles. I’ve really had to tune into finding my own peace. The important thing about your meditation is relaxing. And so, after a hard day of work or just a stressful day, I do several deep breaths, tensing and relaxing the body.

And so, we can do that together. So, deep breath. [Double breath inhaling and exhaling] The way you want to do that is you're taking two breaths in and tensing the whole body, and then breathing out. [Double breath inhaling and exhaling] So, let's do it again. [Double breath inhaling and exhaling]

I just want to make sure that you're not holding any tension in the body, otherwise, you'll be meditating on that. So just relax. Today, I'm sitting at the edge of my couch, but you can sit cross-legged, you can sit on a cushion. I think the most important thing is making sure that you feel comfortable so that you can meditate for longer than you normally would.

So, I'd like to start with a reading. But before we do that, let's open with a prayer. So, let's close our eyes. And prayers are really important that it just comes from the heart. So…

Divine Mother, Heavenly Father, friend, beloved God, Jesus Christ, Babaji, Krishna, Lahiri Mahasaya, Swami Sri Yukteswar, and beloved Guru, Paramhansa Yogananda, saints of all religions, we humbly bow to you all. Join us in this meditation. Inspire our hearts. Grow our mind and wisdom and channel your wisdom through us, so that we may be perfect reflections of Thee. OM, Peace, Amen.

A Prayer Demand to Find God

And before we go into meditation, I'd like to share a reading with you from Whispers from Eternity by Paramhansa Yogananda. This prayer demand is called Demand to Find God at Any Time, Anywhere.

Teach me, O Father, to find Thee in the cave of my heart, that I may walk with Thee everywhere. Teach me to hear Thee in silence, that I may hear Thy voice beneath outer noises. Teach me to find Thee in inner peace, that I may be with Thee calmly in the midst of outer tumult. Hubbub or silence, tumult or peace: I care not, so as long as Thou wilt teach me to find Thee anywhere, at any time.

And now just, I like to just shake my body a little bit because sometimes it just helps me relax. So, I like to sit with my palms up so that I can receive blessings in my meditation.

Now, let's just close our eyes, taking a deep breath.

Guided Meditation for Focusing on the Breath

I like to start off with just focusing on the breath. Starting to focus in on the breath here, your stomach [touching her abdomen under her belly button]. Breathing in. Usually after a long day, I'm breathing up here. [Mai touches her chest.] So we're starting here, [Mai touches her abdomen again] just to focus in on a breath.

Inhaling, filling the stomach. Exhaling. Moving up, inhaling; bringing all that intention and energy, inhaling (slowly, then exhale slowly).

What this will do is help you focus in on that breath. Inhaling, and you'll feel that coolness right in here at the bridge of your nose. Inhale. And the warmth as you exhale. Drawing that breath in and out. Just focusing your intention at the spiritual eye.

What's really important here is that you have a very straight spine. That straight spine will give you many benefits, and that is, one, it will keep you from falling asleep. But the other thing is to really help you channel your energy.

It's really important to focus between the eyebrows here. Some people call that the spiritual eye. Sometimes I like to just imagine that I'm watching the sunset behind closed eyes, and that's where you want to keep your gaze.

So, let's meditate together. When I'm meditating, I'm trying to feel peace in my heart by keeping all the attention at the spiritual eye. I like to feel peace throughout my body, through my bones, through my muscles. I put a smile on my face, and feel that energy rise to the spiritual eye, feeling peace wrapping me, and letting the day go.

You want to just observe your breath. Feel it coming into your body through your nose. As it enters, fills your body. Exhaling. Observe where the breath goes. Inhaling, filling the lungs, the diaphragm, expanding the stomach, observing it go. Inhaling, feeling the body rise, but just observing the breath, focusing all of your attention at the spiritual eye. But continue to observe the breath as you inhale and exhale.

And now, enfolding the mantra Hong and Sau with your inhale and exhale, silently chanting Hong as you inhale and Sau as you exhale.

[Period of silence]

Focusing all that attention in your silent mantra at the spiritual eye. Focusing on the warmth, focusing on any light, but silently chanting on the inhale, Hong, exhale, Sau.

[Period of silence]

Then you want to end that mantra with just a double breath, [double exhalation] sitting in silence. And holding that gaze at the spiritual eye and going into silence.

[Period of silence]

I like to close every meditation with a healing prayer. It's really important you do this because you've received all these blessings from your meditation. By sharing all the blessings with the world, you're sharing a piece of yourself with the world. I do this because it helps me change from within. Being that I'm a person of service, this is my service to the world.

So, closing your eyes; and then you want to bring to mind friends, strangers, loved ones, those in need. Divine Mother, Thou art Omnipresent. Thou art in these souls. Manifest Thy healing presence in their bodies, minds, and souls.

You’re going to rub your palms together and chant three OMs, sending out these blessings to the world.


Om, Peace, Amen