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Guided Meditation with Nayaswami Nefretete

Guided Meditations, Episode 22

Nayaswami Nefretete leads a 30-minute guided meditation.
She is a long time meditator and member of Ananda and lives at Ananda Village in California.


Nayaswami Nefretete:

Hello, great souls. Thank you for joining us for this meditation. I'm Nayaswami Nefretete. And it's my great blessing to be here with you. Today, we're going to practice a very ancient but very powerful meditation technique using the mantra, Hong Sau, which simply means I am He, I am Spirit. So, let's begin as we begin all things with a prayer. And then we'll do a little chant. Pray with me.

Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, Friend, Beloved God, Great Masters. Jesus Christ. Babaji Krishna, Lahiri Mahasaya, Swami Sri Yukteswar, and our beloved guru Paramhansa Yogananda. saints and sages of all religions, we so humbly bow to you all.

Divine Mother, we are yours. Bless us. Bless this meditation. Open our hearts, open our minds, that we may become consciously aware of your Infinite Presence of your Infinite Light. Within all things, within all beings, and especially within ourselves. We pray that by Your grace, we may be pure channels of Your Love and of Your Joy, for all.

So, join me in this chant, “Sri Yogananda guide to inner freedom still into my heart of hearts, banish my delusions.” [Chant several times]

Sit for a quiet moment, feeling the vibration of the chant. And let's check our posture. Let's sit up straight, feet square on the floor, resting the hands at the juncture between the torso and the thighs, or just resting your hands calmly on your thighs in an open and receptive position. And focus your attention at the point between the eyebrows at the spiritual eye. We're going to hold our gaze here throughout this meditation. But before we start the actual meditation, let's relax the body.

Guided Relaxation

So, we're going to do a double breath. And we're going to tighten from head to toe, and then release the tension on a double exhale. So here we go. Double breath. tighten, tighten, tighten, tighten from head to toe, and exhale. Once more, double breath and exhale. Once more, on your own. Good.

All right, continuing to relax. We're gonna do some measured breathing. We're going to do it for a count of six. But of course, you can adjust it to suit your level of comfort. So, we're going to inhale for six counts, hold for six counts, and release for six counts. Ready? Okay.


Inhaling on six,

and hold,



and hold,


and continue on your own for a few more rounds.

Continue to focus your gaze at the point between the eyebrows, the point of the spiritual eye.

And release that technique and just breathe normally. feeling calm, feeling comfortable, and continuing to focus your gaze at the spiritual eye. If you're looking across a body, a beautiful body of water, looking above an imaginary horizon, maybe it's a mountain, and you gaze in at the top of the mountain and a beautiful light in the sky. Just focus your gaze there and just breathe normally, feeling the air into the nostrils. Feel in the cool current as you inhale and the warm as you exhale.

Guided Hong Sau Meditation Practice

Now we're going to start the mantra and, on the inhale, say Hong mentally and on the exhale Sau so on your next available inhalation start the mantra, Hong Sau.

Continue to focus your gaze. Focus on your breath. It might be helpful to focus your attention by using the index of your right hand to kind of trace the breath as you inhale, curl your index finger in towards your palm, and then relax it as you exhale.

Hong and Sau.

If your mind wanders, just gently bring it back as you focus on your breath and focus your gaze.

And you can release the finger technique and just continue on your own. Hong as you inhale, Sau on your exhale.

So, continue to breathe naturally, following the natural flow of your breath. filling the air in the nostrils as you inhale and exhale.

[Chanting AUM, repeat 3x]


Now just sit quietly, feeling the peace, feeling the quiet, gazing at the point between the eyebrows to whatever light you see there, feeling that light surrounds you with comfort and calmness and peace, and know that you can always return to that place of quiet because that is your essential nature, calmness, and peace.

A Guided Affirmation on Freedom in Thy Joy

We'll do an affirmation. Say it with me, first in and loud voice, then in a softer voice, then enter a whisper, and then just follow mentally.

I am free in Thy joy and will rejoice forever in Thy blissful presence.

I am free in Thy joy and will rejoice forever in Thy blissful presence.

And now in a whisper, I am free in Thy joy and will rejoice forever in Thy blissful presence.

And following mentally, I am free in Thy joy and will rejoice forever in Thy blissful presence.

I am free in Thy joy and will rejoice forever in Thy blissful presence.

 AUM, Peace, Amen.

Divine Mother's Guided Healing Prayer

And now we want to end our meditation with healing prayers. So, let's call to mind all those you must wish to pray for. See them surrounded by Divine Mother's Light and Infinite Love.

Listen, send healing prayers out also to all souls in need. truth-seeking souls everywhere. Pray with me

Divine Mother. Thou art omnipresent. Thou art in all Thy children manifest Thy healing presence in all their bodies and all their minds.

And in all their souls rubbing their hands together. That same three owns out into the world.

AUM, AUM, AUM... Send that energy out.

Blessings, AUM, Peace, and Amen.