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Guided Meditation for Finding Inner Peace

Guided Meditations, Episode 33

December 21, 2017

Kamran Matlock leads a 15-minute guided meditation to help you find your inner peace. A journey for finding our own wisdom is practice of a simple and powerful technique of concentration on breathing with relaxation.


Kamran Matlock:

Welcome, my name is Kamran, I'm a teacher at an Education for Life school. Education for Life is a modern expression of yoga with an emphasis towards education, training, and people to be tomorrow's leaders and spiritual examples.

So today we're going to do a short meditation that will hopefully take you to a deep place that will show you that the answer to the future's problems lies in inner strength and inner peace. So let's begin.

How to Find Your Center When Meditating

Begin by closing the eyes, relaxing the body, relaxing the mind, scanning the body, and letting go of any tension, whether it's physical tension, emotional tension, anxiety, depression, excitement, anything and everything that's with you from the past, or that's in the future. Just let it go. And take a deep breath. (Sound of inhalation and exhalation)

And make sure the whole body's relaxed. Scan the body, and make sure that the face, the eyes, the neck, and the shoulders are relaxed. You can roll the shoulders back once or twice, making sure that they have no tension and that the chest is lifted, but naturally and with an effortless, uplifting feeling.

Pay attention to the stomach as well and make sure the stomach is relaxed. Make sure your hips and your legs, and feet are relaxed and grounded into the ground. And take another couple of deep breaths. And find your center and find that place inside of you where nothing can touch you.

And use the breath again and again, slowly and deeply, to center yourself in that feeling, making sure as often as the past or future tries to invade your connection with the present moment, that you gently recenter yourself using the breath, using your awareness and using the connection to a feeling of being deeply relaxed in your own body.

Wisdom by Being in the Moment

Again, when you're in this space, nothing can touch you. And when you're in this space, you begin to connect with your higher Self, which is where all the answers to the questions you ask lie, the strength that you will need to do all things. Everything you need is in the moment. And when we meditate, we connect to the moment.

So let's take another couple of deep breaths. And use the breath as an anchor to feel our self connected with our center with our spine and brain, and with the point between the eyebrows, which is the focus of concentration and meditation and keeps us centered at the spiritual eye where we learn to connect with higher realities.

Relaxation with Breathing

So let's take a couple of deep breaths, diaphragmatic breaths (the sound of inhalation and exhalation), inhaling as much as your lungs allow and exhaling, and relaxing and letting go of everything. Breathing (sound of inhalation) through the nose, exhaling (sound of exhaling), relaxing the body, relaxing the mind, relaxing the heart, softening the heart and feeling yourself totally present and the moment, totally present, comfortable in your own skin, feeling inner peace.

Feel the body as empty space. Imagine that every muscle, every bone, every organ is totally relaxed and open and receptive to whatever comes in this meditation, totally open to the feeling of connection with the higher self.

Imagine that every cell in your body is relaxing and opening as you breathe, as you slow down, as you let go. Imagine that every atom in your body is relaxing and opening as you breathe and as you slow down. Breathe deeply and naturally and focus at the point between the eyebrows.

How to Tune Into Your Inner Power 

And now let the breath flow naturally on its own. Imagine that a current of energy is flowing up the spine every time you inhale and down the spine every time you exhale as you attune yourself to this very natural flow of energy that rises and falls in the spine of its own accord.

As you tune into that energy, you're beginning to tune in to a sense of inner power, of inner wisdom, of intuition, of a place within you that's always available to you, where nothing can touch you, where true strength lies. All the things you need to do in the future, all the problems that seem to haunt you from the past, they dissolve in this space.

And as you go deeper and deeper into this inner reality and you form a relationship with this inner connection, everything in life automatically improves. You become able to do anything and everything. Everything you need is available to you in this moment.

So just relax and breathe, and tune in to the current of energy flowing up and down the spine. Sink deeper and deeper into that feeling. But also grow more and more aware of energy gathering and pooling and focusing at the point between the eyebrows and the top of the head.

Where the higher energy and your being lives and is available to you at any time, in times of joy and times of sorrow, all you have to do is pause and breathe, relax, and open. So do that now.

Mentally Saying the Mantra Hong Sau

And as you inhale, you can mentally say the mantra, Hong. And as you exhale, mentally you can say the mantra Sau. Hong Sau means I Am that I Am. It's the affirmation that you are one with your higher Self. You are one with wisdom. You are one with power and strength. You are one with peace. Hong Sau. Mentally, you can chant this along with the breath. And also add your heart's energy up to the point between the eyebrows.

Meditation is a celebration, of union, of connection, of expansion. So feel that celebration happening on an inner level. As you become more and more aware, as your body relaxes, your mind relaxes. You become able to focus. You become able to love, and you become a channel for higher consciousness and higher realities.

So let's practice Hong Sau, feeling ever more deeply that we're becoming perfectly ourselves. We're becoming perfectly one with all the parts of us that know what to do that have the strength and courage to overcome any obstacles. Feel that awareness becoming your true reality, your true self.

So let's practice Hong Sau. Let's practice the celebration of meditation. In stillness, we touch our inner Strength. (two-and-a-half-minute pause)

And after we've practiced Hong Sau for some time, we begin the most important practice of true meditation, where we let go of techniques, we let go of the breath, we let go of everything and just be. Just feel the oneness of your own being in stillness, in silence, as long as we feel comfortable to, feeling the beautiful and natural presence of the Higher Self.

AUM Peace, Amen, (soft instrumental music playing) Namaste