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Guided Meditation on Peace and Harmony

Guided Meditations, Episode 31

December 15, 2017

Ganesha Kieran leads a 30-minute guided meditation.
He is a long time meditator and teacher at Ananda.


Ganesha Kieran:

Hello, friends, Welcome. This morning I'd like to lead you in a meditation to feel, in yourself, the peace and harmony that's there all the time.

We'll do some healing prayers. We'll chant together. And we'll pray. Let's begin by sitting up straight, Sit with back away from the chair. See if you can relax and sway so that all your weight is centered over your sit bones. You're not leaning forward, you're not leaning back, and your hands are palms up on your thighs. You're resting, sitting straight up, but relaxed, two parts to that. Then let's inhale with a double breath, tense the whole body and then relax.

Now we'll do a chant, Who is in my temple?

Who is in my temple?

All the doors do open themselves.

All the lights do light themselves.

Darkness, like a dark bird flies away, oh, flies away.

So, this is a chant about a mystical experience. Who is that? Who's in that temple of mine? Who's opening them doors? Who's lighting them lights? Let's chant this with joy and a feeling of inner awakening.

Sing chant 3 times.

Let's follow our chant with a prayer. Look upward. Close your eyes and feel that you're addressing your higher Self, your truest Infinite Spirit.

Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, Friend, and Beloved. Great Masters. We bow to you all. Fill our minds with your wisdom. Fill our hearts with love. Fill our souls with ever knew joy. Be with us always. AUM, Peace. Amen.

Meditating with a Visualization of Peace and Harmony

Now I'd like to lead you in a visualization. Sit up straight. Relax. Take a deep breath.

Imagine in your mind's eye a mountain range. snow covered peaks extend in every direction. You can see light glinting off the snow.

And now see amongst the peaks. There is a lake. A little island is in the middle of the lake. And you see on the island, a garden. You're in the garden now, and you can smell the flowers and the fresh-cut grass. You can hear the sound of birds. You're enjoying walking around the garden. There are columns, arches, and lush terraces.

You walk now into an area that's surrounded by columns. And in the center is a fountain. As you approach the fountain, you see the figure of a winged child standing on one toe with its finger pointing up. Feel yourself now enlivening that child, bringing it to life.

You are the child. You're standing in your garden, looking around you, enjoying your fountain, but your fingers pointing up. That's what you want. That's what the fountain gives you. A jet of water buoys you upward as you ascend; you feel joy coming into your body and filling you. Inhaling joy as ascending higher and higher. You feel yourself twirling slowly in a jubilant pirouette. The garden is disappearing below you and the lake and the mountain range.

And soon, you are entering an area of vast golden light. Light is all around you. You're no longer ascending. You're just bathed in that light. sitting still, enjoying the peace and warmth and that golden light. Inhale and feel that light coming into your body and filling you up entirely. Exhale and feel yourself glowing with that warm golden joyous light.

Beginning Meditation

Let's go into meditation now. Take a deep breath. Exhale. When your breath comes in again all by itself, watch it and mentally follow it with the syllable Hong. When the breath flows out again all by itself, mentally follow it with the syllable Sau. Watch your breath as though it were someone else's breath, Hong inhaling, Sau exhaling. Practice that whenever the breath wants to flow. Just follow it mentally.

Now let the gaze float up, so you're looking through that point between the eyebrows, a spiritual eye, not with strain but just as though you were gazing at a distant mountain peak.

Divine Mother Healing Prayer for All Those in Need

Let's offer healing prayers now together. Hold those people, those dear ones in your mind to whom you'd like to send this healing energy. And let's pray together,

Divine Mother, Thou art Omnipresent. Thou art in all Thy children. Manifest Thy healing presences in their bodies, minds, and souls.

Rub your hands together, and feel the energy in your hands. Hold them up, and we’ll chant AUM together, sending out that healing energy.  AUM, AUM, AUM.

AUM, Peace, amen.