I have been meditating everyday and doing energy work/crystals ... I also smoke some cannabis so it can help me calm my mind... Lately i have been seeing golden light with my eyes closed and my scrotum starts tingling at certain times of the day for example 3:33 pm.. What could this be?

—Servant of God, United States


Dear Friend,

I am happy you call yourself “Servant of God.” If this is your life’s intention, it is a blessed life.

It is also most wonderful that you meditate regularly, every day, and work with energy. Energy work is spreading all over the world and will be ever more common in our society as we advance into this New Age of consciousness.

To calm your mind, it would be better to use a pranayama (breathing exercises, such as Chandra Bedha Pranayama) instead of cannabis. All outer substances (including sleeping pills and so on) are in reality only crutches, which we lean upon. They make us weak, not strong. They tell us, “you need me,” but it’s not true. Pranayama and concentration will do the trick for you.

About your main question, seeing the golden light in meditation and feeling the tingling sensation. These are very positive experiences. The golden light is a result of energy rising from the base of the spine upwards. This inner light can be seen in various colors, and gold is an important one. When you see that light again, look into it calmly, trying to get closer. Immerse your mind in it, if it remains (unfortunately it easily disappears again). If you can, receive that inner light into your consciousness. This experience is a blessing which the yoga Masters have described throughout the ages.

Here are some nice words by Yogananda to encourage you:

Do you know why you experience darkness
when you close your eyes?
The gross light vibrations of the moon, sun, and electricity
blind your eyes
to the powerful, mellow lights within.
The average person’s spiritual eye is closed
but that of the Yogi is open,
and he can see the inner lights at any time
during the day or night.
With the opening of the spiritual eye,
a great light appears
beyond the veil of darkness.

About the tingling sensation: try to feel its origin at the base of the spine. That is where it originates. You can meditate on it and mentally guide this energy upward. This may become a fruitful and enjoyable meditation for you.

All the best to you. Keep going with your daily meditations. May they be light- and energy filled.

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