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Guided Meditation for Energy and Success

Guided Meditations, Episode 21
Nayaswami Jyotish
July 9, 2015

Nayaswami Jyotish, one of Ananda's founding members and its Spiritual Director, guides us in a visualization of Light permeating energy, filled with joy and power for drawing us into the magnetic state of success.


Nayaswami Jyotish

Hello friends. Today I want to lead us in a visualization for success and energy. It's very, very important that we understand the linkage between these two because we cannot have success without energy. In fact, our whole life is going to be based on not only how much energy we have but how well we're able to channel that energy in order to achieve the goals that we want to achieve. So let's begin with a short meditation that's designed to help us increase the amount of energy that we have flowing through us.

Relaxing the Body Completely

So please close your eyes. And take a deep breath, double breath, and tense the body. Throw the breath out and relax.

When you tense, the body tense high enough to vibrate. Let's do that again. Inhale, tense. Throw the breath out, relax.

Now relax the body completely. And let's inhale and tense one more time. This gets rid of unconscious tensions.

Now relax the body completely. Starting from the feet and moving up in a wave of relaxation until you reach the forehead. Relax the abdomen, where we often hold tension. Relax the shoulders where we carry subconscious loads and burdens. And also the jaw and tongue. Now relax the eyes.

And let's practice together regular breathing. Inhale to a count of eight, hold eight, and exhale eight.

Inhale, hold, exhale.

Inhale a slow deep breath, hold, exhale.

Sit quietly.

Now become aware of the area around the medulla oblongata, where the neck joins the skull, that little hollow in the back. Paramhansa Yogananda taught that this is where cosmic energy or prana enters the body.

Visualizing a Stream of Energy

Visualize a vast sea of shining energy, and that that's a stream of energy entering at that point. From there, it fills the brain. It fills the body. It's not just unconscious energy, its intelligent energy. That intelligent energy goes into every cell and carries out all the functions of the body. Visualize your body filled with energy filled with light.

Now we can increase that energy flow by the conscious use of will. The center of the will is located at the point between the eyebrows. Concentrate there and feel that from there, you are drawing the energy, universal prana, intelligent life force from the sea of energy into a light beam at the point between the eyebrows. It's getting brighter, more powerful. It's filling your brain with a blazing sun of light. Making all your thoughts clear, powerful, and magnetically focused. That it's filling your body. You're sending that energy into every cell, especially if you have any areas of illness or disease, that you consciously send that energy there. At blazing light drives out all darkness.

Visualizing Vibrant Golden Energy

Visualize your body filled with vibrant golden energy. Try to actually feel a kind of tingling throughout the body. As if you're alive with this Divine energy

Now see that energy expand out beyond the confines of your body to form a globe around you, a bubble of light, and that light is filled with dynamic power.

That power can be expressed in many ways that not only fills the cells but that power can flow into every attitude. Every area of your life. Today, we're going to focus on success.

Feel that bubble of energy around you and that you carry that with you. So that no matter what the situation is, what the challenges are, what the opportunities are, you have that blazing globe of energy surrounding you like a force field. When you're in that, nothing harmful can touch you. Nothing difficult can stop you. And not only is it a globe of light, but you're able to focus that beam very powerfully on any task that you're attempting to succeed at.

Setting a Goal through Visualization

Think of something that you would like to have happen in your life and send a ray of light, a ray of energy, a ray of success into that area. Once you learn to control this force of prana and it has to do a lot with thought a lot with attitude. But as we think, so shall we become. If you think you're filled with power and success, the world will step aside in order to make that happen for you.

You can continue to keep this energy field around you. There is nothing you cannot accomplish. But fill it not only with power, fill it also with the consciousness of love and of kindness and of joy. When those qualities are present, you will never become ruthless. You will always connect heart-to-heart with those who come into your life. Realize that the power of the universe is at your command and with this powerful bubble of energy around you. You will attract to yourself the conditions and the people that you need for success. And most of all, if you turn it toward devotion toward the desire to be one with God and the universe, you will attract the consciousness and the aid of the Great Masters, who will help you succeed in this greatest of all quests.


May God bless you

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