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Guided Meditation with Gayatri

April 23, 2021

Join Gayatri for this guided meditation as she leads us through feeling a greater sense of peace and calmness in the midst of our bustling lives.

Take a journey of inner peace and tranquility with this guided meditation. Begin by settling into a comfortable posture, focusing on gentle breathwork to relax the body and mind.

Dive deeper into relaxation with pranayama practices, gradually introducing the soothing repetition of the Hong-Sau mantra. Enhance your meditation experience by incorporating a gentle finger motion to deepen concentration.

Immerse yourself in a serene visualization, envisioning a tranquil lake reflecting the stillness of your mind. Conclude the practice by embracing the boundless joy and peace within, ready to carry this serenity throughout your day.



Welcome, friends, to this guided meditation. Today, we will focus on the aspect of peace.

Postural Reminders

So before we begin, I just want to make a few postural reminders for us. We want to make sure that whether we are sitting in a chair, or on the floor on a cushion, that our spine is nice and elongated, that our shoulders are relaxed. We can just slightly bring the shoulder blades together and feel the opening of the chest.

Our chin should be parallel to the floor, and we're gonna have our eyes closed. Just focusing at the point between the eyebrows, the spiritual eye. We want to make sure that our gaze, even though our eyes are closed, is just slightly upturned. We can imagine we're looking out to the distant mountain top.

Relaxing the Body with Breath

Now that we have these postural reminders and are in a good position for meditation, let's practice a technique to relax the body.

So we're going to take a short, followed by a long, inhalation through the nose, and then a short and long exhalation through the mouth and nose. So we'll do it like so [inhales, exhales, with double breath]. And as we do the inhalation, we can squeeze our hands, vibrating the body with tension. Then as we exhale, we want to relax, letting all bodily tension just melt away.

So let's practice that together, three times. So inhale and exhale [inhales, exhales, with double breath]. Iinhale and exhale, release [inhales, exhales, with double breath]. Once more, inhale and exhale [inhales, exhales, with double breath].

Breath Awareness

Let us now begin a pranayama practice to help us relax the mind. We're going to inhale through the nose, hold the breath without any tension, and then exhale through the nose, each one for a count of six.

So let's do this together: inhale through the nose, hold the breath, and exhale through the nose.

Inhale, hold, and exhale; inhale, hold the breath, and exhale.

Do this once more together: inhaling, hold the breath, and exhale.

Let's now take a deep inhalation through the nose, and then exhaling through the nose.

As the breath returns just breathe naturally, without trying to control the breath in any way. We're just going to watch it, becoming an observer of the movement of the breath, as it flows in and out.

Let us now bring awareness to the point in the nostrils that we feel the breath most deeply, most clearly. And watch the breath, the movement, as it flows in and up through the nostrils, and then as it exhales, flowing out.

We can imagine here that we're sitting on the beach, watching the flow of the ocean waves, coming in and out. We can't control the waves’ movement, we're just simply an observer.

With ever deeper concentration and relaxation, observe the movement of your breath. You'll notice that as we bring awareness to our breath, it naturally begins to slow down. And when our breath begins to still, to slow down, our mind becomes quieter, our thoughts disappear.

Mantra Meditation

With our next inhalation, as we watch the movement of the breath, mentally repeat to yourself, “Hong” [pronounced "hung"] and throughout the exhalation, repeat “Sau” [pronounced "saw"]. Hong-Sau.

This is a Sanskrit mantra that translates to, “I am Spirit.” With each breath, feel that you're going deeper into the feeling of this mantra, “I am Spirit.”

We will add one more aspect to this technique. With the inhalation, we'll just gently curl the right index, sorry, the right forefinger towards the palm. And as we exhale, let the right forefinger relax away from the palm.

Let us practice this technique for several minutes together, watching the breath, mentally repeating our affirmation, Hong-Sau, “I am Spirit,” and just gently moving the right forefinger to deepen our concentration and go deeper into this Hong-Sau practice. [Moments of silence]

If at any point in our practice your mind begins to wander, just come back to your breath, back to the Hong-Sau mantra.

As we continue this practice, you may feel that the breath is beginning to slow down. You may even notice that there's some natural pauses in between the breath. Just enjoy this moment of stillness. Breath will come back when it needs to. [Moments of silence]

We will end this Hong-Sau practice by taking a deep inhalation, followed by a triple exhalation, enjoying the moment without breath.

Visualization of Inner Peace and Stillness

When the breath returns, we’ll now bring our awareness to the point between the eyebrows, the spiritual eye. Try, with deep concentration, feel a deep sense of inner peace. [Moments of silence]

Throughout this visualization, feel that you're going deeper and deeper into this aspect of peace. You can visualize yourself meditating near a lake in the evening. On the surface of the lake, there's ripples in the water. These ripples are like our thoughts. The larger the ripples, the more restless our thoughts are. But, through relaxation, we can calm the mind, calm the surface of the lake.

Feel that with each breath, you're finding more relaxation, deeper peace, smoothing out each ripple of the mind until, finally, the mind is still. And just like the lake, when perfectly calm, can reflect moonlight overhead, when our mind is still, we can perfectly reflect the joy that's within us.

Feel that in this stillness, infinite joy and peace fill every body cell, permeating your entire being.

And as we go through our day, our activity, let us feel this peace, this joy, that is always within us. It is our true nature. And nothing and no one can disturb this inner peace, this infinite joy of our soul.

OM, peace, Amen


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