Is it Too Late to Reform?

A person feels he has not lived a good life and wonders if it’s too late to reform. Looking around and seeing young people already on the spiritual path, he is discouraged about whether trying to become spiritual will have an impact on his past unspiritual actions. (By Nayaswami Hriman)

Experiences in Meditation

A person writes to describe a wonderful experience she had in meditation. What does it mean and how should I relate to this? With Nayaswami Hriman McGilloway

Was Jesus a Revolutionary?

Those who thought Jesus was a revolutionary during his life had little or no idea of just HOW revolutionary Jesus really was. And so too are all of the great saints and avatars down through the ages. As Jesus initiated a new covenant consisting of a personal relationship with God so Paramhansa Yogananda has brought a new dispensation in HOW … Read More

Did Jesus Die for Our Sins?

What is the true meaning of the crucifixion of Jesus for you and I? No doubt Jesus’ sacrifice was real and no doubt it bestowed powerful blessings of forgiveness and grace upon those close to him but there is a deeper and more practical understanding of the meaning of his crucifixion than the convenient one that he died for our … Read More

Sex & Yoga

In today’s marketplace of sexuality, traditional exhortations to celibacy or self-control are lost in the plethora of opinions, lifestyle choices, and the insistence of personal freedom. Therefore this subject is not a popular one and perhaps the best that can be offered in these times is the twofold suggestion to: 1) be present and conscious, and 2) be respectful and … Read More

Negative Entity? Ask a Yogi

Negativity whether from an incarnate or disincarnate entity invites prayer as a response. Here are some suggestions for psychic protection for yourself or others. (By Nayaswami Hriman)

How to Prepare for Death (and Life!)

Those of deep concentration such as meditators, artists, scientists and devotees become accustomed to the rarified atmosphere of the mind and energy body. They thus function more completely in the non-material realm of the after-death astral world. Lack of memory and inability to concentrate are veritable plagues in today’s world. What did Paramhansa Yogananda tell us about the after-death world?

Mental Restlessness in Meditation: Ask a Yogi!

This is a big subject with many anecdotes and suggestions possible. A few offered here include one’s motivation for meditation; the role of the heart; the practice of mindfulness during activity; focusing at the spiritual eye, to name a few. (by Nayaswami Hriman)

Are You “Spiritual but not Religious?”

There are very good reasons why this self-identified group keeps growing. But there is a downside to this choice because the people we hang out with comprise the most important influence in our life. It can be easier to say “I’m spiritual” but much harder to manifest the commitment needed to demonstrate it. In this complex world full of competing … Read More