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Gayatri Regester
March 15, 2021

Healthcare workers continue to find themselves recovering from the front lines of an unprecedented global event. This video is companion to the full Wellness for Warriors in Healthcare program which focuses on providing simple, yet effective tools for bringing yoga and mindfulness techniques to the unique challenges healthcare workers face.  

Research justifying the validity of meditation and its effectiveness increases every year.  Videos like this, are found the Wellness for Warriors in Healthcare Short Course -- designed just for healthcare workers, to support the wellbeing of individuals in the healthcare field during moments of crises and beyond.

This video is part of the Companion Short Course to the Recharge Card Set, part of the Wellness for Warriors in Healthcare Program. The program includes a series of how to resources for improving the wellness of warriors serving in the healthcare field. The following topics are included in the program, based on simple yet effective yoga and mindfulness tools such as how to: 

*Stay Positive

*Release Tension

*Raise Your Energy

*Come to Focus

*Release Negativity

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