Land of Mystery — A Guided Meditation

Episode 13

Swami Kriyananda was a direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda and the founder of Ananda. Meditation is primarily a means of helping us to know our higher or spiritual nature. It is a calm mind focused on the higher aspect of your own higher reality. Meditation is a state of very intense awareness. Great saints and prophets of all religions felt … Read More

The Life of Saint Francis of Assisi — Slide Show

This St. Francis Slide Show has narration and original music by Swami Kriyananda, with beautiful slides taken by Kriyananda in and around Assisi, Italy. It covers the life of St. Francis, with inspiring stories and insights into the beloved saint. You’ll find that the St. Francis Slide Show offers inspiration, beauty, and an uplifting, meditative experience. Paramhansa Yogananda called St. … Read More

Different Worlds Slide Show by Swami Kriyananda

Different Worlds offers reflections of the infinitely varied nature of human consciousness. The narration, by David Eby, and music help us see the underlying unity of all humanity. The beautiful and soothing background music is by Swamiji, composed especially for this slide presentation.

Hawaiian Magic Slide Show by Swami Kriyananda

Hawaiian Magic is a beautiful collection of photos and video of the Hawaiian islands and their native people. Your heart will naturally open and your mind will relax as you experience God’s beauty through nature.

Christ Lives — An Illustrated Oratorio Slide Show

Christ Lives begins with footage from the 2008 live performance of the Oratorio in Palo Alto, California. Swami Kriyananda describes how the music came to him while meditating at sacred spots on pilgrimage in the Holy Land in 1983. While there, he experienced the deep inspiration of Christ as a living presence and wrote each piece from that uplifted state … Read More

Three Wise Men (by Swami Kriyananda)

We wish you a joyful Christmas and many blessings with this beautiful song by Swami Kriyananda “Three Wise Men”, performed by members of the Ananda Palo Alto choir. Three Wise Men Then three wise men came from afar, Guided by the heavenly star. Christ, the light of God, had descended, That, receiving him, all might be saved. Thus, the promise … Read More

O Master

Dedicated to Paramhansa Yogananda Composer: Swami Kriyananda (Donald Walters) & Mukti LaMar Performed by the Ananda Village Choir Lyrics: O Master, may Thy joy fill our days. O Master, may Thy wisdom guide our ways. The time has come for us to see That there’s but one reality Upon the earth and high above: The truth that all was made … Read More