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The Art of Superconscious Living - What Does Easter Mean for You and Me?

Nayaswami Hriman
April 11, 2022

The message of Easter for humanity is tied to Spring: the promise of healing, renewal, and resurrection of hope. As day follows night, we are reminded that no matter how dark is the night, the day will surely follow. But there’s more than that: the message of crucifixion for everyone regardless of religion or no religion is the importance of accepting with equanimity and faith those tests that necessarily come to each of us. The resurrection of our life’s vitality, hope and joy is therefore the result of meeting our tests with equanimity. It’s not enough that our tests eventually end as all things must. We can only be victorious if we have met our tests with courage, calmness and the confidence that tests exist to make us stronger and wiser, and, to deepen our faith in God and goodness.

Affirmation – Wisdom

As I learn the lessons that life teaches me, I grow toward ever-greater joy and freedom. Prayer I am grateful, Lord, for every test you send me. Each time I stumble, help me to learn. May I realize behind every pain Thy calm, reassuring love.

Dealing with Pain: Physical or Emotional

Lying down or sitting upright, center yourself until you feel more calm even in the midst of pain. Then, when you are ready, focus your attention on the area of pain (physical or perhaps in the heart) and imagine your breath as entering and exiting from the center point the of pain. As the breath comes in mentally chant I AM and as the breath goes out chant PEACE. (Or, if you are familiar with the mantra, Hong Sau, use it instead.). As you practice this feel the pain is dissolving.