Asana Intensive for Yoga Teachers

Online: Mar 10 – Apr 27, 2024

Deepen your Practice and Teaching of Ananda Yoga

Open to all certified yoga teachers

In this engaging, hands-on course, you’ll broaden and refine your understanding of Ananda Yoga as you explore the 25 Level 2 Ananda Yoga postures, which include both advanced asanas and basic asanas not covered in the Level 1 YTT. 

Ananda’s YTT staff will instruct and guide you through the magnetic power of Ananda Yoga, designed to awaken your energy—and help you awaken your students’ energy.

Cost: $1375 (regular), $1195 (early bird)

Early Bird Tuition: Apply by Feb 23, pay in full by Feb 25, 2024

Cost: $850 


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Free Zoom Info Session

Saturday January 6, 2024 at 10 AM PT

Watch this introductory session with Director Melody Hansen to learn more about Asana Intensive for Yoga Teachers training.

“I never felt judged or criticized for any asana I found challenging, and I learned very valuable information about how to teach each pose. I highly recommend this course!”

“I never felt judged or criticized for any asana I found challenging, and I learned very valuable information about how to teach each pose. I highly recommend this course!” 

— L.S., 2021 Graduate, CA 

— L.S., 2021 Graduate, CA

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Why Take Asana Intensive?

Ananda Yoga Teacher Training Spiritual Community

Immerse Yourself in Spiritual Community

An effective yoga teacher needs support to walk the talk. Join your magnetism with like-minded yogis from all around the world who also want to help and uplift others.  

This immersive online training is broadcasted from Ananda Village, an intentional spiritual community based on the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda.


Even though this program is online, students are able to develop a personal connection with fellow students through:

  • 1-1 and group practice teaching sessions via Zoom
  • Optional sharing circles
  • Participation and interaction in live classes
  • Interactive discussion forums 

Our past graduates come from France, Canada, Sweden, Austria, and within the United States. California etc.

Integrate Yoga in Daily Life-Alba

Enhance Your Ability to Teach Spiritual Yoga

This program will train you to use yoga as a tool to help yourself and others grow spiritually and find greater integration in body, mind and spirit. 

Practicing and teaching Ananda Yoga will help you understand the mind, energy and body connection, and develop the energy awareness and control to uplift consciousness. 

We will share with you techniques to ignite and heighten your teaching ability to utilize yoga science and your intuition to best serve your students and yourself as a whole person— body, mind and spirit:

  • Learn the energetic benefits of 31 level 1 asanas
  • Develop energy awareness and control to uplift consciousness through energization, affirmation and meditation
  • We also offer specialty classes to help you find your presence as a teacher, such as voice projection and increasing your energy & magnetism.  
  • Learn to teach yoga effectively in-person and online
Ananda Yoga Teacher Training Asana Class

Pursue Advanced Yoga Teacher Training 

Asana Intensive is a required course for Ananda Level 2 Yoga Teacher Certification. Level 2 certification explores the deeper aspects of Ananda Yoga®, with a focus on meditation, yoga philosophy, pranayama, asana, refinement of teaching skills, and personal spiritual growth. 

Required Level 2 Courses:

  • Advanced Pranayama
  • Ananda Meditation® Teacher Training 1
  • Ananda Yoga® Assistantship
  • Living the Yoga Sutras
  • The Bhagavad Gita: Bring Its Power into Daily Living
  • Asana Intensive for Yoga Teachers
  • Spiritual Counseling Training

Level 2 Electives:

  • Yoga for Seniors and Bone Strength Training
  • Restorative Ananda Yoga Teacher Training

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Ananda Yoga Teacher Training Anatomy & Physiology

Receive Access to All Education Material

All live classes, teaching workshops and sadhanas are recorded. You will receive lifetime access to all material. 

The Asana Intensive Review Course includes: 

  • Video library of beautifully designed asana instructional videos to help you with your studies.
  • Recordings of all live classes and sadhanas to review and deepen your understanding

What You'll Learn


“From the aspect of Yoga philosophy I gained greater insight into how the use of the affirmations in Ananda yoga can assist the yoga posture in connecting body and mind to direct our energies toward our higher self. “

 “From the aspect of Yoga philosophy I gained greater insight into how the use of the affirmations in Ananda yoga can assist the yoga posture in connecting body and mind to direct our energies toward our higher self.”

— T.J., 2021 Graduate, CA

— T.J., 2021 Graduate, CA

Meet Your Instructors

All our instructors practice yoga and meditation daily and are disciples of Paramhansa Yogananda who make it a priority to live the teachings.


Melody, E-RYT 500 and C-IAYT, directs the Ananda Yoga Teacher Training and Restorative Yoga Teacher Training online programs.

She is a Certified Ananda Yoga Therapist, C-IAYT and a trained Prenatal Yoga Instructor. Melody has been practicing the teachings of yoga since the age of 14, and began teaching at age 17. She loves to help her students experience the depth of Ananda Yoga and Meditation.

She will be the main asana instructor for this course and will support you every step of the way in becoming a confident yoga teacher. It is her joy to serve you!

Nicole DeAvila Staff

Nicole DeAvilla, E-RYT 500 and C-IAYT has taught yoga teachers for over 20 years, and has taught regular Ananda Yoga classes since 1984. She has a background in sports medicine and chiropractic physiotherapy.

Currently she teaches private classes as well as a Master Yoga Class for Yoga Teachers.  Nicole is an active member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) and is a contributor to their journal and several other publications.  She has taught Master Classes for the International Yoga Therapy Conferences.


Karen, RYT 500, is a Certified Ananda Yoga Therapist, C-IAYT and has been teaching yoga since 2003. Originally from Texas, she directed and operated successful yoga studios in Dallas for over 13 years.

Karen has experience working with students of all levels in studio, privately and corporate settings. She loves to mentor teachers and help them discover their unique gifts while strengthening their self-reliance and positivity. Karen will be a lead asana instructor for this course while encouraging and assisting you throughout this journey!

Amala Profile

Amala, RYT-500, has practiced physical yoga for over 20 years and has meditation practice for over 10 years.

From Amala: “I will always be a student of yoga. Feeling ever-grateful for what my teachers have given me. I will continue to teach everything I have learned and practice what I teach. So everyone who is interested can learn the powerful life-balancing practices of yoga.

I live and work just north of New York City in Westchester County New York. I am also an artist, book designer and animal lover! I have practiced physical yoga for over 20 years and I have had a meditation practice for over 10 years.”


Asana Intensive is open to all graduates of Level 1 Ananda Yoga® teacher training and Bridge to Ananda Yoga®, as well as any yoga teacher who is, or has been, a Yoga Alliance RYT. Exceptions might be made for teachers whose training was through schools that were not registered with Yoga Alliance.

Certified Ananda Yoga teachers who seek Level 2 Ananda Yoga® teacher certification will move through the course together, week by week. This leads to enriching interactions with classmates and builds a dynamic learning community that you’ll enjoy—and benefit from—immensely. Any other participants are welcome to participate at their own pace.

The weekly workshops are 3 hours long. Prior to each workshop, you’ll also be expected to do a small amount of study of course materials for the asanas that will be addressed in the workshop.

We will have “live” workshops on these dates:

  • Sunday, March 10 (9:30–11:30 AM, Pacific time)
  • Saturday, March 16, 23, 30 (9:30–12:30 PM, Pacific time)
  • Sunday, March 17, 24, 31 (9:30–12:30 PM, Pacific time)
  • Saturday, April 6, 13, 20 (9:30–12:30 PM, Pacific time)
  • Sunday, April 7, 14, 21 (9:30–12:30 PM, Pacific time)

Workshops will be recorded for the benefit of those who cannot participate “live.” Ananda Yoga teachers who seek Level 2 Ananda Yoga® teacher certification can miss no more than one workshop, and even missing that will involve a makeup video-creation assignment. Other course participants can attend the workshops if time permits, or simply view the video recordings of the workshops.

Not unless you miss a live workshop and have a video makeup assignment.

No, a free Zoom account is sufficient.

Yes, Yoga Alliance RYTs can get 36 hours of continuing education.

This course is required for graduates of Level 1 Ananda YTT and Bridge to Ananda Yoga who seek Level 2 certification. These asanas formerly were addressed in two courses at The Expanding Light Retreat: The Essence of the Yoga Sutras and The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita. If you already took both of those courses in person, you have fulfilled this course requirement. If you took only one of those courses, you are welcome to take only the half of this course that corresponds to the other course. Please contact Darshana to discuss your particular situation.

If you are not a certified Ananda Yoga teacher (200-hr) then you’ll also need to take the Bridge to Ananda Yoga course (in addition to the Level 2 requirements) if you’d like to become a certified Ananda Yoga teacher. See Level 2 requirements here


Las Vegas NV
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Practice teaching in breakout sessions were most helpful. Karen and Melody are experienced and offered variations for each pose, not to mention being open to students' knowledge.
Novato, CA
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I loved this course! Melody has a knack of making everyone feel very relaxed and at ease, which makes the process of learning much easier. I never felt judged or criticized for any asana I found challenging, and I learned very valuable information about how to teach each pose. I highly recommend this course!
Montara, CA
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On the technical side of yoga practice the on-line video breakdown of each pose followed up with the in-class in-depth teaching and practice allowed me to feel absolutely confident that I can teach the postures effectively and safely. For instance, I’ve always avoided doing headstands in my personal practice because I didn’t feel confident enough in my knowledge of the pose or the strength in my body. The fact that it was taught in progressions allowed me to practice it safely and I quickly gained confidence in my ability to practice this pose. I now do headstand unassisted daily. I also have the confidence in my ability to teach it to others so they can have the same results.

Program Details

Asana Intensive for Yoga Teachers

6-Week Professional Online Training

Dates: Mar 10 – Apr 21, 2024

Cost: $1375 (regular), $1195 (early bird)

Early bird Tuition: apply by Feb 23, pay in full by Feb 25, 2024

Due to a growing demand for online yoga teacher trainings and the cancellation of multiple in-person programs at the Expanding Light Retreat, we anticipate being completely booked.

Therefore, we encourage you to apply now, and if necessary, you will be to be added to our wait list for the next session. Once the dates for our next training have been set, you will receive notification and given priority for enrollment.

  • FREE Group Coaching– After the program ends, join us for a monthly group coaching session on Zoom. Even if you’ve been teaching yoga for years, you will benefit from this mentorship. Receive valuable live feedback from our expert staff and gain useful information by being part of the experience.
  • FREE 1-on-1 Coaching Call – When you’re ready to dive deeper and get individualized coaching on a topic of your choice, you will have access to booking a session with our expert staff. Must be scheduled within 60 days of graduation date through calendly link.
  • FREE Access to a Complimentary Course hosted by Online with Ananda: The Chakras and Your Relationships. This course is meant to build on what you will learn during the training, however you may access it at any time.

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