Reconciling professional and spiritual lives

Tyagi Shanti, M.D.

Question from amit: Swami ji always tell us to have an attitude of acceptance in life and at the same time he stresses to avoid acts that take us deeper into delusion. In that light I am confused sometimes to take a decision while accepting any assignment.I am a doctor by profession and a member of Ananda for last about 3 years. and…


Difficult career choice

Nayaswami Devarshi

Question from Nirmal: I have an important decision to make regarding my line of medical research. I am torn between the options to pursue a career in either Molecular Neuroscience or Reproduction, as both equally fascinate me. However, I want to know which course is more “dharmic” because both involve sensitive ethical issues. For instance, Repro involves playing with human life: stem cells,…


Loyalty in the workplace

Nayaswami Pranaba

Question from Dm.: Many companies value loyalty and long tenure in the employees. How does this correspond to Babaji’s statement to Lahiri Mahasaya “Work is for man, not man for work”? Not acting against your company’s interest is reasonable, but how about leaving for a better place? Thank you!