Finding God in the Workplace


I have a practical question.

Did Yogananda ever discuss special techniques on how to remain focused while in a hectic office environment. Specifically I am talking about Call Center work where it can be very draining listening to people asking many times the same things in multitude of different ways! Are there special things one should observe when dealing with people on the phone to protect energy levels? Clasping a bangle? Or is a deepening of a home meditation practise what is required?

—Cyril, Ireland


Dear Cyril,

I’m sure that everyone faces the challenges in life that you describe in one way or another – how to keep our minds focused and uplifted in midst of demanding activities.

First, as you mention, a deep, daily practice of meditation raises both our level of energy and our consciousness. Meditation fills our minds with calm, refreshing energy that enhances everything we do.

A daily practice of the Energization Exercises also fills us with vitality and enthusiasm for whatever we may encounter during the day.

During the workday at your Call Center, it’s helpful to take “Energy Breaks” periodically, in which you consciously relax away physical and emotional tension and “reset” yourself. Do deep breathing or stretching or a few minutes of meditation.

Finally, when speaking to others on the phone, rather than thinking, “I’ve already answered this question 100 times today,” think, “From my own higher Self, I am serving the God in others.” Try to be a channel for divine peace and joy to everyone you speak with. You will literally never get tired if you work in this way.

We hope that these ideas are helpful to you.

May God and Guru bless your service,

Nayaswami Devi