Finding Work


Can anyone give me a job for my daily bread?

—BBK Pillai, India


Dear Friend,

During the Depression of the 1930’s Paramhansa Yogananda made a great effort to encourage hope and success for those in need of work and material sustenance. He said “If I were out of a job I would shake the world until I got one!” (or words to that effect).

Your note has not revealed anything of either your circumstances or temperament but determination, will power, and willingness linked to prayer, meditation and selfless service will unquestionably break the karmic obstacles to self-support.

Some questions:

1) Are you out looking for work EVERY DAY?

2) Have you contacted everyone you know?

3) In the meantime and absent gainful employment, are you volunteering to help your friends, neighbors, or local community in service projects? Help others in need and you may find yourself being helped in turn, in time.

4) Have you turned away jobs because you did not want to perform certain kinds? Are you willing to do anything that is legal and can be done with dignity and a serviceful attitude?

5) Are you willing to volunteer at first in order that you might be hired later?

6) Contemplate and pray about how you feel INSPIRED to help others and to serve in this world as an instrument of God’s blessings. Feel the joy of serving, whether unseen by others, whether acknowledged or praised, but for the simple joy of serving God in your fellow men.

7) Develop right attitudes as described above and surely the doors of employement will open. Pray each day: “Lord, how may I serve Thee this day?”