Am I in the Right Job?


My conscience is biting me because i am working where i hardly have much work but paid very well. Since last couple of years i feel guilty taking such good salary this is exactly opposite to a situation where i was underpaid for 15 yrs where i have worked hard and delivered so much and raised to management expectation and was satisfied with job. Is this ethical and morally correct? Due to my age and high salary i am unable to get other app.job. i daily pray to Guru & God to help. Can you advise is it right?

—Bhushan, India


Dear Bhushan,

Without knowing the specifics, I’ll have to answer in generalities. It does not seem morally incorrect to accept a high salary. However, the fact that your conscience is biting you is an important sign. What is your intuition telling you?

Do you feel undeserving of a high salary? Especially given your previous hard work, perhaps you are simply receiving a karmic reward now. Or, are you concerned about the ethics of your workplace? If so, this is a serious question. And if you are dissatisfied with your job, this too should be looked at carefully.

You might find help in this article by Yogananda, “How To Succeed in Any Line of Work”.

God bless you, Bhushan. Please feel free to write back more specifically, if you wish. We are praying for you.