Finding God’s Joy Anywhere


What does Divine mother want from me? I am training to become a scientist, but Ive been feeling hugely disillusioned by science and I find joy only in the company of spiritual people and in contemplating love/god. Many days, I just feel like quitting and becoming a spiritual teacher. However, for what ever reason, I'm constantly given more opportunities and career breaks than most others who actually enjoy science! why? is this gods way of telling me to remain in science? How do I find out?


—A, Cananda


Dear Friend,

One of my favorite quotes from Yoganandaji is: “Life is a battle for joy every step of the way. Let me win that battle on the very spot on which I now stand.” What we do in life is less important than the inner environment that we create within ourselves by practicing meditation and right attitudes.

So what does Divine Mother want of you? She wants you to find the joy of your own Self – a joy which is not dependent on any outward circumstance. If the opportunity presents itself for you to make a career change, you could consider it. But since the doors keep opening for you in science, it seems like the lesson is to live with the consciousness of God’s joy always, and let Her take care of the details.

In divine friendship,
Nayaswami Devi