God Watches the Heart


If for some reason or other one is not wealthy but progressed spiritually and try to do everything what our line of GURU has tought at end not sure what will be his fate will GOD & GURU will be pleased and how is soul will progress and on the other hand take example of Mr.Bufett & Mr.Gates acquired everything and donated showing true non attachment to wealth shows tangible benefits will go from this world statisfied without knowing teachings of our line of GURU? With whom GOD is more pleased?

—Bhushan, India



There is an old saying that “God watches the heart,” meaning our motivation is more important than our action. Honestly and industriously earning money is a very positive action. Giving that money to worthy causes is better yet. But the mere act of giving money, however worthy the cause, does not necessarily indicate that the person is doing it for God.

On the other hand God is pleased with any action that is done for Him. A smile, a kind word, a generous act — if done for God — are as pleasing to God as donating billions of dollars — if done for God.

Spiritual progress is made as we attune ourselves to God in every thought and action. It doesn’t really matter to God if your actions involve becoming wealthy or involve being a renunciant. The key to spiritual progress is inner attitude — not outward action.

Warm regards,
Joseph (Puru) Selbie