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Unrequited Love, an Enemy of Happiness

Dear Hari, Yogananda often said that our desires will lead us a merry chase and then give us nothing in the end. There is nothing outside ourselves that can satisfy us. We will always feel unfulfilled until we find the ... Read More

You Are What You Think

Dear S, Current discoveries in science and the ancient teachings of the sages both tell us that our every thought, our every feeling, affects our body. Every thought or feeling we have sets in motion a cascade of physiological events. ... Read More

The Yugas

Dear Bahniman, Not all traditions use the same dating for the yugas. I prefer the dating of Sri Yukteswar as outlined in his book, The Holy Science. Sri Yukteswar uses the duration of the yugas found in the Vedas and ... Read More

What You Are Experiencing Is the Astral Body

Dear Ruchit, What you are experiencing is yourself — but on a more subtle level. Yogananda explained that we inhabit three bodies simultaneously: physical, astral, and causal. Our physical body tends to dominate our awareness. It’s what our senses reveals ... Read More

“Whatever comes of itself, let it come”

Dear Sanjay, Yogananda used to say, “Whatever comes of itself, let it come.” He used this phrase to describe the right attitude for dealing with what life brings you — failure or success, poverty or wealth, sickness or health — ... Read More

3 Ways to Overcome Undesirable Thoughts

Dear Siddharth, It is difficult to overcome undesirable thoughts directly. The more attention you give to your unwanted thoughts the more energy you give them. Better to avoid the things that awaken the unwanted thoughts and, most importantly, deliberately and ... Read More

God is All-Loving and All-Forgiving

Dear Carina, Forgiveness implies there is judgment. How can God judge a part of Himself? According to the Masters, God would no more judge us than we would judge our hand. We are, always have been, and always will be, ... Read More

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