What You Are Experiencing Is the Astral Body


during my spiritual practice i.e when i do my spiritual work i suddenly feel cold sensation on my whole body it’s like not too much cold but when it occurs all of my hairs on my hands stands up i.e become erect and also it starts from lower to upper body it ends at top of my head i.e above my head and at that point i feel like something is floating above my head i can feel it but can’t describe i hope you can understand please tell me what is it??

—ruchit, india


Dear Ruchit,

What you are experiencing is yourself — but on a more subtle level. Yogananda explained that we inhabit three bodies simultaneously: physical, astral, and causal. Our physical body tends to dominate our awareness. It’s what our senses reveals to us as we see, hear, taste, smell, and touch.

Our astral body is more subtle. It is pure energy. It is also larger than your physical body. As you meditate more deeply you will become more aware of the astral body. One’s awareness of the astral body often begins with sensations such as you describe. What you are beginning to “feel” more consciously are the subtle energies of the astral body that exist within and around the physical body. Some people can “see” the astral body as an aura.

Our causal body is yet more subtle. It is pure thought. Sri Yukteswar said we are primarily using our physical body when sensing, our astral body when visualizing or willing, and our causal body when thinking deeply.

Your experience of your astral self is positive. Don’t be surprised if it changes as you meditate more. Part of the joy of meditation is experienced as a fountain spray of astral energy up the spine. But don’t be satisfied with just pleasant sensations. Go deeper. As you go deeper you will eventually find yourself saturated and expanding in the sea of Bliss Itself.

Warm regards,
Puru (Joseph) Selbie